Create an interactive workplace

KwizzBit is a cloud-based smartphone quiz platform that enables businesses to easily add interactive trivia into any virtual or in-person team building, training sessions, presentations or events.

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Employee engagement made interactive

Connecting with your team plays an important role in building a company culture that makes them feel trusted, valued and motivated to contribute to your business’s goals. At KwizzBit, we understand the role interactive technology can play in helping you get the best out of the people you work with.

By utilising cutting-edge smartphone technology and top-notch trivia we can help you deliver a unique interactive experience that will achieve 3 things:

Strengthen your company culture

Boost team spirit and morale

Create fun moments

What can I do with KwizzBit?

Add your branding

Customise your white-label KwizzBit account with your company’s logo and branding guidelines to boost the visibility of your brand every time you play. Or, promote an offer or initiative on all playing devices simultaneously.

Gain valuable insight

Access data reports into how your players answered questions to help evaluate training sessions and employee engagement.

Create personalised quizzes

Tailor quizzes directly to meetings, presentations, events and staff training to maximise employee engagement using our user-friendly online quiz builder.

Get social with your colleagues

Unleash their competitive side just for fun. Choose from one of thousands of readymade quizzes for your next remote or in-person team building exercise, corporate quiz night or for your office Christmas party.

Make learning fun

Fight the forgetting curve by gamifying your training session with a bespoke quiz. KwizzBit’s speed-based gameplay and multiple question types have the power to add excitement to any topic to help reinforce learning.

Maximise audience participation

Stop talking at your audience. Get them involved in your next corporate event, conference or webinar with live interactive trivia. KwizzBit can instantly calculate the scores of up to 100,000 players at once, so you can easily test their memory of key points.

Built for virtual quizzing

Don’t worry about complicated integrations, app downloads or technical mumbo jumbo. With KwizzBit, there are two ways to easily host and play virtual quizzes with your audience:

Built-in live streaming

Engage with your audience directly from the KwizzBit application using your webcam or phone camera.

Connect third party video tools

Utilise third party video conferencing and streaming tools like Zoom, Teams, YouTube etc.

Do you want a professionally hosted virtual quiz event?

We’ll take care of it for you. We’re experts in delivering:

Large scale quiz events with up to 100,000 players

Event planning and management

Professional and celebrity host sourcing

Bespoke quiz writing

Perfect for team building, corporate events, or your office Christmas party.

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KwizzBit helps some of the world’s biggest companies satisfy their trivia needs