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Host competitive quiz nights that save you time, make you money and get your customers coming back for more.

Over 150 Greene King venues currently benefit from using KwizzBit to host their quiz nights. They’ve created an entertaining pub quiz game that’s easy to use, offers tremendous value for money, and they’re always introducing new features to make your quiz nights more enjoyable. KwizzBit is the only interactive trivia provider we’re actively endorsing for our managers!

Jason Lockwood, Head of Entertainment, Greene King

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Become the No.1 destination for quiz night

Bring in new customers

Interactive quizzes can increase footfall on quiet nights by an average of 49%

Build a loyal following

Enjoy up to 3x more customers than standard pen and paper quizzes

Boost your bottom line

Proven to increase revenue on quiz nights by up to £2400 per month

Tie-breaker stats


2nd most sought after activity in pubs


45% say its their favourite pub experience

18th most popular social activity for adults in 2023

Saves time, wows customers

Enjoy exciting, smartphone quizzing

Speed-based gameplay creates competition and excitement between players.

Save hours writing questions

Select from 5000+ readymade quizzes so you can focus on running the bar.

Stop cheating ruining the fun for everyone

The faster you answer, the more points you get, so it doesn’t pay to Google answers.

Never mark quiz sheets again

Scores are calculated in realtime, saving paper & time spent on the boring stuff.

Host and play with ease

A simple, easy-to-use system for all ages and technological abilities to enjoy. 

Create quizzes in seconds

Search from 30,000+ questions & rounds to make the perfect quiz for your audience. 

Compete nationally with other pubs

View national leaderboards to see where you rank compared to pubs across the UK. 

Get setup within minutes

Cloud-based software with no hardware or downloads. Simply login and pick a quiz.

Experience quizzing at its loudest with officially licensed music trivia. Host captivating quizzes with live music playback and watch as your players listen to their favourite tunes, answer questions, and rack up the points.

• An entertaining twist on traditional quizzing
• Exclusive copyright agreement from MCPS & PPL
• Audio quizzing creates a lively & entertaining atmosphere
• New content released every month
• Filled with floorfilling tracks and sing-a-long favourites

Available to Elite accounts.

Studio quality live quiz events streamed directly to you give you your very own quiz gameshow experience. Watch the stream, play the quiz, win the prizes!

• 100% live quizzes broadcast from our central studio
• Plug-and-play setup for a premium experience
• Hosted by charismatic professional and celebrity hosts
• Local leaderboards find the best quizzer in your pub
• National leaderboards reveal the best in the country
• Regular prize giveaways from 1st – 10th place

Available to Pro & Elite accounts.

Drive consistent gameplay by creating leagues, adding quizzes, and watching your players battle for points every time they play. It’s no longer about winning the game, it’s about winning them all.

• Create & manage up to 5 active leagues
• Tailor leagues to different themes & audiences
• Unique scoring system creates balanced competition
• Build a local community of regular players
• Leverage FOMO as missing a quiz could impact rankings

Available to Classic, Pro & Elite accounts.

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Pricing & Plans



Per month, excl. VAT

Up to 100 players
Create your own quizzes

KwizzBit Leagues



Per month, excl. VAT

Up to 200 players
Create your own quizzes
Add custom branding

KwizzBit Leagues
KwizzBit Live



Per month, excl. VAT

Up to 300 players
Create your own quizzes
Add custom branding

KwizzBit Leagues
KwizzBit Live
KwizzBit Music

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