Helpful KwizzTipz.
Get the most out of your quiz

Below are some ideas to help you launch and maintain a successful regular KwizzBit Event and get the most out of your KwizzBit account.

Play KwizzBit as a round between your regular quiz to introduce the game and add an extra element to your event.

Promote your event on social media by sharing our Facebook promotional video here.

Run a football Kwizz after the big match (Keep an eye out for our in play specials).

Put your posters up around your venue and promote your night (Posters and flyers can be requested here).

With 24/7 access to a huge range of Kwizzes simply pull out your laptop or smart device, launch a Kwizz and get everyone to join in.

Like our Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. TAG US IN EVERYTHING!

Create a Facebook event and post to Instagram and twitter, make use of our social media images to help spread the word.

Play a game with the staff to get the team onboard and in the mood for some Kwizzing.

Hosting a private event? Pick a game to suit your audience.

Offer up a prize for the winning individual or team to promote and encourage participation.

Play a special from our content catalogue to keep up with your audience try a Game of Thrones KwizzBit or run a Dragons Den Kwizz.

Take pictures of your Kwizzies on social media, we are more than happy to share/retweet to promote your venue!