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About us

KwizzBit is a cloud-based interactive trivia platform enabling you to build, host and play amazing quizzes from anywhere in the world.

Built on 2 core principles – simple, exciting gameplay and top notch trivia – we know quizzing shouldn’t be complicated.

Nobody wants their mind boggling by anything more than a good question, so we created an interactive quiz that’s so, so, so easy to use and almost too much fun. Almost.

Our Story

Created in 2017 to stop cheating in pub quizzes, KwizzBit has been a digital innovator for the hospitality industry ever since.

In 2020, we realised something special: the world is completely and utterly 100% obsessed with trivia. The thrill of asking questions, answering them and competing against others satisfies an innate human desire to give the ol’ brain muscles a workout.

With that in mind, our mission is crystal clear, we’re going to satisfy the global appetite for quizzing in the pub, the office, at home and anywhere in-between.

Since then, we’ve collectively helped charities raise over £100,000, hosted virtual events for the likes of Nintendo and Amazon, executed international brand activations with Guinness, accrued more than half a million players worldwide in more than 30 countries from Canada to Samoa, and we’re just getting started.

2023, the Year of KwizzBit

After disassembling the system back to our 2 core principles, we’ve put it back together with the ability to connect 100,000 players at once, built-in live streaming for virtual quizzing and a fresh new look.

And, to top it all off? KwizzBit (and all its fancy features) is now completely free to use with up to 4 people.

Build, host and play amazing quizzes in minutes

Enjoy online, interactive quizzing with friends and family


Create a quiz in minutes from over a database of over 30,000 questions


Schedule and host live, virtual or hybrid quizzes for your audience


Enjoy dynamic speed-based trivia from anywhere in the world

Meet the team

A bunch of eccentrics who share a common love for technology, trivia and knowing something about pretty much everything.

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh


A tech-obsessed, 80s kid with over 10 years experience delivering unique entertainment solutions to the licensed trade and has an insatiable appetite for trivia and Back to the Future.

Specialist Topic: 80s Music

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson

Lead Developer

A cycling enthusiast with a talent for translating wild ideas into fully functional software applications. Phil is fluent in at least 5 programming languages and absolutely loves Crash Bandicoot.

Specialist Topic: Video Games

Joel Slinn

Joel Slinn

Head of Marketing

With an equal parts creative, strategic and sassy brain, if Joel’s head isn’t buried in marketing plans, Photoshop or a good book, he’s telling you about this great new band you’ve never heard of.

Specialist Topic: Capital Cities

Elliott Hart

Elliott Hart

Head of Customer Success

A self-confessed dinosaur enthusiast dedicated to exemplary people training, customer service and timely dad jokes. Experienced managing pubs, a hotel and even a bowling alley.

Specialist Topic: Animals

Nazia Hussain

Nazia Hussain

Digital Marketing Executive

A Gogglebox obsessed shopaholic with a Fine Arts degree and experience in all things creative. When she’s not watching other people watch TV, you’ll find her at the gym setting a new PB or engrossed in her laptop. Can be won over with bao buns.

Specialist Topic: Fashion

Neive McCarthy

Neive McCarthy

Quiz Writer

An English Lit grad with a tendency to fangirl over Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. When she’s not writing quizzes, Neive can be found spending too much money on iced oat lattes or singing her heart out at a gig.


Specialist Topic: Music
Banana Teapot

Banana Teapot

Tea Specialist

KwizzBit’s longest serving employee who’s never made a bad cuppa. Hates people who put milk in first.

Specialist Topic: Biscuits

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