KwizzBit  FAQs

How do I purchase KwizzBit?
You must be signed up and logged in to KwizzBit to be able to purchase one of our subscription packages from the main dashboard.
I’m a pub/venue and my company pays centrally. How do I get KwizzBit?
Please contact us on 0113 887 0193 or email and we’ll get you set up as quickly as possible.
Is there a minimum contract?
No, there is no minimum contract length. You will be billed every month from the start of your purchase and you can cancel at anytime.
What do I need to host/play?
All you need to host and play is any smart device with access to the internet like a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
How many people can take part in a single game?

KwizzBit can hold from 1-10,000 players on a single game, but this depends on the type of account you are subscribed to. View the account types and their maximum connections for more information.

What happens if I go over my player limit?

The system won’t allow any players above the connection limit to join the game. If this happens, we recommend upgrading your account to the next package up.

I can’t find a quiz in the system. What should I do?

The easiest way to check for a quiz is to search the tile by pressing ‘ctrl + f’ on Windows or ‘cmd + f’ on a Mac and typing in what you’re looking for. If you really can’t find it in the system, you can request for it to be written for you by emailing us at

Can I make my own quizzes?

We don’t currently have the features available to allow you to create your own quizzes. We have thousands of quizzes already in the system that you can use, however, if you need a unique, personalised quiz for anything from company training purposes to a birthday/wedding, then we can help you create it. Get in touch!

Can I connect the game up to screens in my venue?

Yes, the game can be broadcast to the big screen in a number of different ways. In most cases a standard HDMI cable from laptop to projector or screen will allow you to project the game lobby. Alternatively, you can use a casting device, or other 3rd party applications to project KwizzBit onto an external screen.

What do I do if a player loses connection?

Don’t panic. The system is designed to reconnect any device that loses connection automatically. If that doesn’t happen, a simple refresh of the page should get them back in the game.

What happens if I have a slow connection?

The game is designed to work on low bandwidths but you may experience delay with a slow connection. If you have a slow connection please take your time in-between questions and answers to allow the game to catch up.

Do I have to sign up to play KwizzBit?

No, you have the ability to play as a guest. However, we recommend signing up to KwizzBit as this will allow you to pick your own customised quiz name and access the national leaderboards.

Can I preview quizzes before I play them?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure that KwizzBit is 100% cheat proof, we don’t allow hosts or players to view the questions beforehand. It’s all part of the fun!

Can I play the same quiz more than once?

Not usually, no. Sometimes we release quizzes with a value of 0, which means they can be played as many times as you want. However, in most cases to prevent cheating, you don’t have the ability to play the same quiz more than once.

Is there an app to download?

No, KwizzBit is a web-based application which means you just need access to your KwizzBit account to host and play.

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