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Let’s face it.

Humans are obsessed with quizzing.

Whether we’re at work, school or simply hanging out with friends, we’re never far away from testing someone’s knowledge with a bit of trivia.

Why else would you be here right now?

That’s why we built a quiz editor that enables you to enjoy KwizzBit’s outrageously fun smartphone quizzing with your audience to:

Boost engagement

Increase memory retention

Create personalised experiences

What can I do with KwizzBit?

Build in Minutes

Don’t waste time on complicated quiz makers. Use our user-friendly quiz builder to search our extensive database for high-quality questions or to write your own with ease.

Personalise trivia for your audience

Training new employees? Teaching a class? Raising money for a cause? No matter what it is, our online quiz maker gives you the freedom to build totally unique quizzes for engaging your audience.

Play exciting speed-based quizzing

Enjoy an interactive quiz experience that’s fast, fun and very exciting, straight from your mobile phone. With innovative question types, automatic scoring and real-time leaderboards, it’s guaranteed to unleash your competitive side. 

Try making custom quizzes for…


  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Staff training


  • Charity
  • Schools
  • Societies


  • Weekly quizzes
  • Themed events
  • Private bookings


  • Friends and family
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings

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Forget complicated quiz editors. Master our user-friendly online quiz maker in a matter of minutes. Literally.

Then you can spend more time wowing your audience with your custom quizzes.

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