📢 Plans to take over the world

After concluding our first round of investment for a whopping £250,000, we’re formally commencing Operation World Domination. It won’t be easy, but neither was getting here.

Thanks to the P that shall not be named, we awoke one morning in March last year to find out 90% of our business’s income had vanished overnight. It’s challenging – nay, it’s downright impossible – to run a pub quiz business with no pubs open.

After gathering like the Jedi Council on our newly installed Microsoft Teams account, we agreed on a different P.



💕 Everyone loves trivia

Our mission was simple: connect as many people across the world with competitive smartphone trivia. The mantra was even simpler: Stay safe, stay connected, keep quizzing.

stay safe, stay connected, keep quizzing

We reduced our subscription costs and opened our platform up to remote working teams, fundraisers, schoolteachers and to regular Joes wanting to play at home with friends and family, whilst letting our beloved pubs host virtual events with their local communities at no charge to themselves. Because everyone loves trivia.

By March 2021, we’d grafted and persevered our way to:

➕   over 100,000 new users

🎗    helping various charities raise over £30,000 in total

🎤    hosting quiz events with household names like Chris Tarrant, Konnie Huq, Chris Kamara and Barry from Eastenders

🍄    celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Smash Bros with Nintendo in Canada.

Above all, we cemented our grand vision: to connect 100,000 hosts with 5 million players worldwide.


🚀 Building for the future

Securing investment is allowing us to take the next steps in our masterplan. With the help of our angel investors and development partner, Parallax, we’re going to make KwizzBit the number one place to be for any quiz event.

Without revealing all the secrets behind our technical wizardry, let’s just say we’re replacing our V8 engine with space rockets. By ripping out what’s under the bonnet, we’re creating the foundations for a truly powerful, first-of-its-kind trivia platform.

At the heart of this development will be the simple, exciting, speed-based gameplay you know and love us for. That’ll never change. Every new feature, no matter how big or small, is being designed to enhance your core quizzing experience in the pub, at work, or at home.

Read more about our journey over the last 18 months from our CEO.


🙏🏼 All because of you

Without you, the players and hosts with your unstoppable hunger for trivia, none of this would have been possible. Every positive reaction, kind word and every bit of enthusiasm in our product and what we do was the fuel that kept us going us when the world was upside down. Thank you for supporting us all these years, but especially over the course of this wild and wacky 18 months.

We promise to keep innovating, creating and exciting you one question at a time until we take over the world.


Development is well underway and due to be released later this year. Be the first to know more about our release date by signing up for a free player account. 

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