50 James Bond Quiz Questions and Answers

Like a good cup of tea, popping into the pub, and complaining about the weather, the James Bond franchise is a proper British phenomenon.

The books which inspired the blockbuster movies date back to 1953, and the world of James Bond – his adventures, his gadgets and his gals – has grown to dizzying heights in the decades since.

The following James Bond quiz questions and answers were put together to test all fans of the series, young and old, and from the page to the big screen.

So, grab a martini, don your tux and leave the exploding pen at home for this one – it’s time to answer our quiz questions, James Bond quiz questions.

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James Bond Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Who wrote the James Bond books?
  2. What is James Bond’s code number?
  3. Which movie sees Bond kidnapped by North Korean soldiers and living in captivity for 14 months?
  4. What car make is James Bond associated with?
  5. Who is James Bond’s boss?
  6. Where is Skyfall Lodge located?
  7. Who plays Zorin’s statuesque female bodyguard in ‘A View To A Kill’?
  8. As of 2023, how many James Bond movies have there been in total?
  9. Which movie contains the only time that we see James Bond die on screen?
  10. What type of bird does Bond disguise himself as in the opening scene of ‘Goldfinger’?
  11. Which character is the only woman James Bond has an authentic marriage with?
  12. In ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, what does Bond’s car turn into when on the run from a helicopter?
  13. Who is the main villain in ‘Octopussy’?
  14. Which of the following Bond movies came out first; ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, ‘Spectre’ or ‘For Your Eyes Only’?
  15. Who in ‘Spectre’ is controversially revealed to be Bond’s adopted brother?
  16. What is the title of the first James Bond book written by Ian Fleming?
  17. Who is the arch-nemesis of James Bond?
  18. In which movie does the Bond girl Tatiana Romanova feature?
  19. How does James Bond take his martinis?
  20. Which of following Bond movies did not star Roger Moore; ‘Moonraker’, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ or ‘Thunderball’?
  21. According to the books, which European University did James Bond attend?
  22. Who was the first person to play James Bond in a movie?
  23. Which Yorkshire actress portrayed M from the years 1995 until 2012?
  24. Which 1983 movie is not considered an official Bond movie due to not being created by Eon Productions?
  25. What is the name of Goldfinger’s pilot and henchwoman who Bond persuades to turn on her boss?
  26. Which Bond movie was originally called ‘License Revoked’?
  27. What does Q stand for?
  28. Who plays the villainous agent 006 in ‘GoldenEye’?
  29. Which is the only Bond movie to star George Lazenby in the titular role?
  30. In English, what is the motto on the Bond family’s coat of arms?
  31. Can you name two movies in which Pierce Brosnan played James Bond?
  32. In ‘The World is not Enough’ why does the villain Renard not feel pain?
  33. Who sang the theme song ‘No Time To Die’ from the 2020 Bond movie of the same name?
  34. What nationality is James Bond’s Father, Andrew Bond?
  35. Which Bond movie is set primarily in Japan?
  36. What is M’s job title?
  37. In which movie does Bond solve the murder of agent 009?
  38. Who is Miss Charmian Bond?
  39. Which common bathroom item is plastic explosive disguised as in ‘License to Kill’?
  40. Which two actors are tied for playing James Bond the most amount of times?
  41. Who holds the record for directing the most James Bond movies?
  42. Who creates the gadgets for Bond?
  43. Which villain proved so popular in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ that they were brought back to star in ‘Moonraker’ due to fan demand?
  44. What do David Somerset, Mr. Jones, Colonel Toro, Jerzy Bondov and Arlington Beech all have in common?
  45. Which of the following did James Bond serve in; air force, navy or army?
  46. In ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, what does Bond receive which signifies he is the target of a professional assassin?
  47. Which movie sees Bond survive a cremation oven whilst trapped inside of a coffin?
  48. Who is the only person to sing more than one Bond theme song?
  49. What everyday item was secretly a tiny rocket launcher, gifted to Bond by Tiger Tanaka in ‘You Only Live Twice’?
  50. As of 2023, how many actors have taken on the role of James Bond?

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  1. Ian Fleming
  2. 007
  3. ‘Die Another Day’
  4. Aston Martin
  5. M
  6. Glencoe, Scotland
  7. Grace Jones
  8. 27
  9. ‘No Time To Die’
  10. Seagull
  11. Teresa/Tracy Di Vicenzo
  12. Submarine
  13. Kamal Khan
  14. ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’
  15. Blofeld
  16. ‘Casino Royale’
  17. Ernst Stavro Blofeld
  18. ‘From Russia with Love’
  19. Shaken, not stirred.
  20. ‘Thunderball’
  21. University of Geneva
  22. Sean Connery
  23. Judi Dench
  24. ‘Never Say Never Again’
  25. Pussy Galore
  26. ‘License to Kill’
  27. Quartermaster
  28. Sean Bean
  29. ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’
  30. ‘The World is not Enough’
  31. Two of the following; ‘GoldenEye’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘The World is not Enough’ and ‘Die Another Day’
  32. He has a bullet lodged in his brain
  33. Billie Eilish
  34. Scottish
  35. ‘You Only Live Twice’
  36. Head of MI6
  37. ‘Octopussy’
  38. James Bond’s Aunt
  39. Toothpaste
  40. Sean Connery and Roger Moore
  41. John Glen (with five!)
  42. Q
  43. Jaws
  44. They’re all aliases of James Bond
  45. Navy
  46. A gold bullet (which is inscribed with ‘007’)
  47. ‘Diamonds Are Forever’
  48. Shirley Bassey – she sang three with ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘Moonraker’
  49. Cigarette
  50. 7 – in order of most appearances; Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and David Niven.

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