50 Barbie Quiz Questions and Answers

You might think you’re more Oppenheimer, or (god forbid) a Bratz girl, but with the release of Greta Gerwig’s latest blockbuster, Barbie is the doll’s name on everybody’s lips. It seems that life in plastic really is fantastic.

Whether you’ve been Barbie-obsessed since watching ‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses’ or were more likely to hack all your Barbies’ hair off and felt tip their faces, these Barbie quiz questions and answers will leave you wanting to move straight into your very own Dreamhouse.

If Barbie left you teary-eyed and wanting to hug your mum/sister/best friend, this is the perfect quiz to get your girls together and test how closely they watched Barbie. Channel your inner Margot Robbie and prepare to enjoy life in pink. Spoilers ahead!

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Barbie Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. In what year was Barbie first launched?
  2. What is the name of the woman who created Barbie?
  3. Barbie is the most profitable Mattel line. True or false?
  4. What is Barbie’s real full name?
  5. What is Ken’s real full name?
  6. What fictional town was Barbie born in?
  7. What colour eyes does Barbie have?
  8. What are the names of Barbie’s three younger sisters?
  9. Who is Barbie’s best friend Midge married to?
  10. Which painter had a Barbie doll created as part of International Women’s Day 2018?
  11. Which pop band released ‘Barbie Girl’ in 1997?
  12. What height would a standard Barbie doll be in real life?
  13. Barbie holds a pilot’s license. True or false?
  14. Which German doll inspired the making of Barbie?
  15. What was the first Barbie doll wearing?
  16. What was the first Barbie film released?
  17. How many animated Barbie films have been released, as of 2023?
  18. What is the most a Barbie has been sold at an auction for?
  19. Where was the first Barbie-themed restaurant opened in 2013?
  20. According to her first release date, what birthday would Barbie have celebrated in 2023?
  21. What is the best-selling Barbie doll of all time?
  22. In 2023’s ‘Barbie’, which popstar plays the Mermaid Barbies?
  23. Which musician recorded ‘Speed Drive’ for the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack?
  24. Who directed 2023’s ‘Barbie’?
  25. What is Ken’s job in ‘Barbie’?
  26. Which song from the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack plays when Barbie confesses to having thoughts of dying?
  27. Where in the US do Barbie and Ken enter the real world and roller skate through?
  28. What is the name of Barbie’s owner in the 2023 film?
  29. Who plays Gloria in the 2023 film?
  30. Which Barbie does Issa Rae play?
  31. How did Weird Barbie become weird?
  32. What does Ken refer to Barbie as, rather than his girlfriend?
  33. What car do all the Barbies in Barbieland drive?
  34. What does Ken rename the Barbie Dreamhouse to?
  35. Who inspires Ken’s idea to get a big mink fur coat?
  36. What does Ken question if his destiny is?
  37. In July 2023, AirBnb made a stay at Barbie’s Dreamhouse available. Where was it?
  38. What does Depressed Barbie watch for the seventh time?
  39. Which boyband does Allan reveal that all of the members of were Allans?
  40. What did the production of ‘Barbie’ cause a worldwide shortage of?
  41. Three of the ‘Barbie’ cast members have starred in which Netflix show?
  42. Which two artists teamed up to remix ‘Barbie Girl’ for the soundtrack?
  43. Which film is referenced in the opening sequence of ‘Barbie’?
  44. Which malfunction of Barbie causes all the Barbies to scream and retch?
  45. At the end of the film, what appointment is Barbie going to?
  46. Which iconic guitarist plays on ‘I’m Just Ken’?
  47. What was the tagline for Barbie?
  48. ‘Barbie’ broke which record on its opening weekend?
  49. Who plays the CEO of Mattel in ‘Barbie’?
  50. What luxury fashion brand does Barbie often wear in the 2023 film?

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  1. 1959
  2. Ruth Handler
  3. True
  4. Barbara Millicent Roberts
  5. Kenneth Sean Carson
  6. Willows, Wisconsin
  7. Blue
  8. Skipper, Stacie & Chelsea
  9. Allan
  10. Frida Kahlo
  11. Aqua
  12. 5ft9
  13. True
  14. Bild Lilli
  15. A black and white striped swimsuit
  16. Barbie in the Nutcracker
  17. 42
  18. $302,500
  19. Taiwan
  20. 64
  21. Totally Hair Barbie
  22. Dua Lipa
  23. Charli XCX
  24. Greta Gerwig
  25. Beach
  26. ‘Dance the Night’
  27. Venice Beach
  28. Sasha
  29. America Ferrera
  30. President Barbie
  31. Being played with too much
  32. Long Term, Long Distance, Low Commitment, Casual Girlfriend
  33. Corvettes
  34. Mojo Dojo Casa House
  35. Sylvester Stallone
  36. To live and die a life of blonde fragility
  37. Malibu
  38. BBC’s Pride and Prejudice
  39. NSYNC
  40. Pink paint
  41. Sex Education
  42. Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice
  43. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  44. Flat feet
  45. Gynaecologist
  46. Slash
  47. She’s everything, he’s just Ken.
  48. Biggest opening for a film with a female director
  49. Will Ferrell
  50. Chanel

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