25 Dune Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you have what it takes to rule the planet of Arrakis? How well would you fit into the noble House Atreides? Our Dune quiz questions and answers are the perfect way to put those things to the test.

The iconic sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert has spawned two adaptations, with the second part of Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster set to drop this spring. Following Paul Atreides and his destiny, the story has been beloved to many since its first release in 1965. Whether you’re a die-hard sci-fi fan or are just making your first forays into those futuristic worlds, it’s the perfect time to get up to scratch on the classic.

So, if you need to refresh your memory before ‘Dune: Part Two’ and can’t quite tackle 896 pages before March, fear not. From spice to sandworms, we have all the Dune trivia you need.

25 Dune Quiz Questions and Answers


    1. Leto Atreides is ruler of which planet before being assigned as fief ruler of Arrakis?
    2. Who does Leto Atreides replace as ruler of Arrakis?
    3. What does spice allow Spacing Guild Navigators to do?
    4. Lady Jessica is an acolyte of which group?
    5. What is the name of the fortress stronghold on Arrakis where House Atreides arrive?
    6. Who betrays the Atreides and disables Arrakeen’s shields?
    7. What are the natives that inhabit Arrakis?
    8. The Gom jabbar test does what to Paul?
    9. What is the name of the protective shields used?
    10. What is the Bene Gesserit technique that Lady Jessica uses to kill their captors?
    11. Who sacrifices himself to the Sardaukar to allow Paul and Lady Jessica to escape?
    12. To become a Reverend Mother, what do you have to drink?
    13. Who composed the score for the 2021 film ‘Dune’?
    14. What type of planet is Caladan?
    15. Who directed the 1984 adaptation of ‘Dune’?
    16. In what year is Dune set?
    17. What is another name for the spice that is so valuable on Arrakis?
    18. When Leto is incapacitated, what is one of his teeth replaced with to aid his assassination?
    19. Baron Harkonnen gives command of Arrakis to who?
    20. Which actor portrays Paul Atreides in the 2021 film?
    21. What is the name of the girl who appears in Paul’s visions?
    22. An attempt to assassinate Paul is made using what?
    23. What is Paul’s Fremen name?
    24. What is the name of the Mentat and Master of Assassins to House Atreides?
    25. Which two locations acted as crucial backdrops for Arrakis in filming for the 2021 film?

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  1. Caladan
  2. Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
  3. Interstellar travel
  4. The Bene Gesserit
  5. Arrakeen
  6. Wellington Yueh
  7. Fremen
  8. Tests his humanity and impulse control
  9. Holtzman
  10. The Voice
  11. Duncan Idaho
  12. The Water of Life
  13. Hans Zimmer
  14. An ocean planet
  15. David Lynch
  16. 10191
  17. Melange
  18. A poison gas capsule
  19. Rabban
  20. Timothee Chalamet
  21. Chani
  22. A hunter-seeker
  23. Muad’Dib
  24. Thufir Hawat
  25. Jordan and the United Arab Emirates

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