KwizzBit FAQs.

What happens if our Wi-Fi connection is lost?

The game is designed to kick the host back into the game at the point where the Wi-Fi signal is lost. If the Wi-Fi signal drops simply refresh your host page once the signal is recovered. If the Wi-Fi signal is permanently down and the device is 3g/4g enabled the game will refresh back to the correct position via the mobile signal. If a mobile signal or Wi-Fi signal can’t be detected the game has to be paused until a signal can be achieved.

What do I need to get started?

In order to host a KwizzBit you need an Internet enabled device, an Internet signal, a host account with credits and players.

How do I activate my account?

Request your account here once you have filled in the relevant form you will be sent an e-mail asking you to set your password. Set your password and log into your very own KwizzBit account.

How do I get credits to play?

Once you have your account you can add credits by activating your account or subscribing.

How many people/teams can take part in a game?

We limit each account to a maximum of 20 players however many venues can manage many more connections. This limit is set to the average amount of connections standard Wi-Fi and mobile signals can handle. We can increase you player capacity on request subject to venue capabilities (Based on strong 3g/4g signal or modern router). Venue player increases are limited to 35 per venue and subject to a fair usage policy.

What can I use to host a game?

Games can be run from a mobile, tablet or laptop, we suggest running the game from a WI-Fi enabled device over a secure connection.

What do I do if a player loses connection to the game?

In most cases dropped connection can be resolved via the host account continuing with the game and sending out another question. If the device does not connect the player can (in most cases) reconnect by refreshing their screen in play. KwizzBit works on the majority of mobile platforms however some older devices and those with old operating systems may have issues with connection.

What happens if I have slow connection?

The game is designed to work on low bandwidths but you may experience delay with a slow connection. If you have a slow connection please take your time inbetween questions and answers to allow the game to catch up.

When will there be an app for me to use?

The player app is arriving in December 2017 and the host app will be with you in 2018.

What do I do if I want to hook up the game to the screens in my venue?

The game can be broadcast to the big screen in a number of different ways. In most cases a standard HDMI cable from laptop to projector or screen will allow you to project the leaderboard and game lobby via a big screen. There are a number of tricks and options for plugging into multiple screens including using a 3rd party application to control the device for a detailed report into all options see our blog post here.

How can I add sound to my games?

KwizzBit uses sound files to add tension to your game, you can hook your host device up to any sound system or use a Bluetooth speaker to broadcast the audio in your venue. For more hints and tips on sound view our blog post here.

Can I make my own questions for a KwizzBit event?

At present, you cannot create your own questions via your KwizzBit account however we have more than enough content for you to choose from to save you the time of having to write your own. If you would like to see something included that isn’t there or if you would like us to create you your very own KwizzBit give us a call or get in touch here.