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Cloud Based Quizzing

Cutting-edge online software allows you to host and play quizzes using any smart device with people from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re all together in one location or playing a virtual quiz in separate ones.

Built-In Live Streaming

Real-time video broadcasting for instantly going live to your audience using your phone camera or webcam. Also, compatible with Zoom and other virtual tools.

UnGoogleable Gameplay

Speed-based quizzing means the faster you answer, the more points you get. It’s literally impossible to cheat and win.

Automatic Scoring

Saves heaps of time swapping and marking answer sheets, as all scores are updated in real time after every question.


Live in-game leaderboards bring out the competitive side to quizzing, as you can see how your position changes per question. National leaderboards let you compare how you scores against other players across the world.

Unlimited Access

Jump into KwizzBit’s library of thousands of readymade quizzes and fill your boots.

New content covering pretty much every topic imaginable is added weekly.

Scalable Audience Participation

Serverless technology can seamlessly accommodate large-scale audiences. Be it 1 or 100,000 players, the delays are the same – non-existent.

Quiz Builder

A simple, intuitive quiz maker made for creating quizzes fast. Add questions from our database, duplicate existing content, or write your own from scratch!

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