Setting up your KwizzBit event.
Quizzes on mobile and tablet
how to get started with kwizzbit

To run KwizzBit, all you’ll need is a device with an Internet connection - Wi-Fi recommended! Launch KwizzBit from your laptop, tablet or mobile device and generate your unique play pin.

Getting set up
quizzes on your mobile

Direct players to to begin the game. Read out or write your game pin on the flyers provided and hand them to your players.

Wait for your players/teams to log in and see who’s joined in the lobby area.

countdown timer
Time to start a quiz

Once all your players are in, it’s time to get Kwizzing! Read the questions then broadcast the answers to players’ devices with one click.

Fastest finger

The faster your players answer, the more points they get! All the excitement of a game show and a quiz rolled into one.

You can see which player was the fastest with the correct answer - they’ll get 10 bonus points! You can see who got it right… and who got it wrong! The leaderboard is updated in real time after every question. It’s fastest finger first.

Custom Kwizzes.

Would you like to create your very own Kwizz? Do you have a suggestion for a great Kwizz? Could your next event benefit from some KwizzBit action? Is there a genre or a topic you would like to see in a Kwizz?