50 2010s Music Quiz Questions and Answers

The 2010s were an exciting and unexpected time for music.

Genres rose and fell in popularity quicker than ever before, expedited no doubt by the ever-changing technological landscape of the time.

Streaming platforms and social media became key factors in shaping the music industry, whilst decades old technology boomed in popularity.

Amongst the fads, the comebacks, and the nostalgia-heavy hits, we saw modern day legends made, entering the decade as novices and leaving as superstars.

And, amongst a complete change in how entire generations consumed music, genres which had steadily risen in popularity since the 90s finally overtook classic staples.

Whether you’re a lover or hater of the era, whether it soundtracked your best years, or kept you to old favourites during a decade of music that was undoubtedly fast-paced, diverse, random and show-stopping, you can test what you remember here with our 2010s music quiz questions and answers.

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2010s Music Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Which British artist released numerous albums in the 2010s using only maths symbols as titles?
  2. What chemical element did Sia and David Guetta sing about on their 2011 collaboration?
  3. According to the 2015 song ‘Hotline Bling’, Drake’s ex used to call him on his what?
  4. What year in the 2010s was the last ever new generation iPod released?
  5. Which famous archaeological site did Bastille name their 2013 breakthrough single after?
  6. K-pop band BTS achieved their first UK top 20 hit in 2019. Which song of theirs achieved this feat?
  7. The ‘Despacito’ remix in 2017 hit number one on the UK charts. Which artist featured on the remix?
  8. The hit single ‘Vossi Bop’ came from which 2019 grime album?
  9. In what year was Kendrick Lamar’s breakthrough album ‘good kidd, m.A.A.d city’ released?
  10. Foo Fighters dropped out of headlining Glastonbury Festival in 2015. Which female-led rock band replaced them?
  11. Katy Perry had four UK number one hits in the 2010s. Can you name two of those number one hits?
  12. What is the name of the last album Childish Gambino released in the 2010s?
  13. ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ by Justin Timberlake was written for which 2016 animated movie?
  14. According to the 2010 dubstep hit, what did Magnetic Man need?
  15. Which band fronted by Matty Healy released three albums in the 2010s?
  16. What is Imagine Dragons’ longest running single on the UK charts?
  17. Which pop artist featured on Pitbull’s 2014 hit single ‘Timber’?
  18. Swedish House Mafia and Avicii are artists belonging to which popular early-mid 2010s genre?
  19. What car brand is mentioned in the title of Post Malone’s 2018 album?
  20. In 2019, who became the first female artist to replace themselves at number one on the official UK singles chart?
  21. The song ‘Gangnam Style’ featured a dance in its music video which took the world by storm in 2012. Which artist released the song?
  22. Which genre outsold rock music for the first time ever in the 2010s?
  23. Who won British Album of the Year at the 2017 Brit Awards with their final studio album?
  24. Eminem released a sequel to which of his earlier albums in 2013?
  25. Which Latin American capital city did Camila Cabello sing about in her 2017 hit single?
  26. Who released the 2017 album ‘Stranger in the Alps’?
  27. What colour is mentioned in the title of Cardi B’s 2017 breakthrough single?
  28. Which official World Cup song did Shakira release in 2010?
  29. What kind of games did Lana Del Rey sing about in her viral 2011 song?
  30. Which U.S city do The Chainsmokers mention in their 2016 hit single ‘Closer’?
  31. 2011’s ‘Watch The Throne’ was a collaboration album between which two American rappers?
  32. How many studio albums did Taylor Swift release in the 2010s?
  33. Which dance song by one-hit wonder Duck Sauce was named after a popular American singer and actress?
  34. Beyoncé’s 2016 album shares its name with which sweet drink?
  35. In 2013, who asked us to clap along if we felt like “a room without a roof”?
  36. From which country do popular 2010s boyband 5 Seconds of Summer originate from?
  37. Which 2011 English indie rock album included the songs ‘If You Wanna’ and ‘Norgaard’?
  38. How many weeks did Adele’s 2015 album ‘25’ stay at number one on the UK album charts?
  39. What animal was the subject of Ylvis’s viral 2013 novelty song?
  40. Which indie band released the song ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ in 2010?
  41. How many members of One Direction were there?
  42. What was Lady Gaga’s only song to hit number one on the UK singles charts in the 2010s?
  43. How many consecutive number one albums did Rihanna have on the UK album charts in the 2010s?
  44. The first two singles released from Arctic Monkey’s 2013 album ‘AM’ asked questions. Can you name one of these question-based songs?
  45. Who released the top ten single ‘Lucid Dreams’ in 2018?
  46. ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by Gotye was released in which year of the 2010s?
  47. Which album by Fleetwood Mac was the bestselling vinyl of the 2010s in the UK?
  48. Who became the first woman of the 21st century to win a ‘Best Rock Song’ grammy in 2015, for her band’s single ‘Ain’t It Fun’?
  49. What kind of summer did Megan Thee Stallion rap about in 2019?
  50. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s 2014 collaboration was the second best-selling single of the 2010s in the UK. What was the name of their song?

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  1. Ed Sheeran
  2. Titanium
  3. Cell phone
  4. 2019
  5. Pompeii
  6. Boy With Luv (featuring Halsey)
  7. Justin Bieber
  8. Heavy Is The Head
  9. 2012
  10. Florence + the Machine
  11. California Gurls, Part Of Me, Roar, Feels
  12. “Awaken, My Love!”
  13. Trolls
  14. Air
  15. The 1975
  16. Radioactive (at 107 weeks!)
  17. Kesha
  18. EDM
  19. Bentley (beerbongs & bentleys)
  20. Ariana Grande (‘break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored’ replaced ‘7 rings’)
  21. Psy
  22. Rap
  23. David Bowie (Blackstar)
  24. The Marshall Mathers LP
  25. Havana
  26. Phoebe Bridgers
  27. Yellow (Bodak Yellow)
  28. Waka Waka
  29. Video Games
  30. Boulder, Colorado
  31. Jay-Z & Kanye West
  32. 5
  33. Barbra Streisand
  34. Lemonade
  35. Pharrell Williams
  36. Australia
  37. The Vaccines – What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?
  38. 13
  39. The Fox
  40. Foster The People
  41. 5
  42. Shallow (with Bradley Cooper)
  43. 3 (Loud – 2010, Talk That Talk – 2011, Unapologetic – 2012)
  44. ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ and/or ‘R U Mine?’
  45. Juice Wrld
  46. 2011
  47. Rumours
  48. Hayley Williams
  49. Hot Girl Summer
  50. Uptown Funk

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