50 Music Quiz Questions and Answers

Everyone has favourite songs and artists.

Some songs you never tire listening to. Some artists just resonate with us.

The real question is how well do you really know them?

Whether you’re a casual listener or a true music nerd, these 50 quiz questions and answers will keep you entertained.

In this quiz, we’ll test your music trivia on all manner of tunes, from chart-toppers to indie hits. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a rocker, a punk, mod, metalhead, hip-hop head or even an old school raver, because we’ve left no genre unturned in our mission to get as many music fans quizzing as possible.

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Did somebody say mic drop?

Music Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Who was the lead singer of Nirvana?
  2. ‘Wuthering Heights’ was the first UK number one for which artist?
  3. Which watch brand features in the title of a song by Wiley?
  4. What heavy rock festival takes place every year at Donnington Park?
  5. The Jingle Bell Ball is hosted by which radio station?
  6. Which group had the most UK number one singles in the 1960s?
  7. What colour was the Little Rooster according to the title of a Rolling Stones hit?
  8. What was the name of Justin Timberlake’s first UK number one single?
  9. Which band had a hit with ‘Disco 2000’?
  10. Gordon Sumner is the real name of which musician?
  11. What position did One Direction finish on The X-Factor?
  12. How many awards did Olivia Rodrigo win at the 2022 Grammy Awards?
  13. Which rapper had a hit with ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ in 1995?
  14. Björk was the lead singer with which band?
  15. “Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind” is a lyric by which artist?
  16. Which member of Tdhe Beatles formed Wings?
  17. Ozzy Osbourne was the lead singer for which heavy metal band?
  18. Which rapper performed upside down at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show?
  19. Who’s mom had it going on?
  20. Which song has the lyric “This hit, that ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold”?
  21. The Darkness believed in a little thing called… what?
  22. What nationality is Drake?
  23. Which football anthem by Fat Les is named after a curry?
  24. ‘Firestarter’ was a UK number one single for which group?
  25. Which nation won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022?
  26. What night of the week gave Suede a UK top 10 hit in 1997?
  27. Paul Weller left which punk rock group in 1982?
  28. Which band are best remembered for their hit from 1995 ‘You’re Gorgeous’?
  29. According to Oasis, who knows it’s too late?
  30. Cerys Matthews was the lead singer of which band?
  31. Who had hits with ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and ‘Roll Over Beethoven’?
  32. Arctic Monkeys formed in which UK city?
  33. Fats Domino was noted for playing which instrument?
  34. ‘Red’, ‘1989’ and ‘Folklore’ are all albums by which pop artist?
  35. Who is known as ‘The Godmother of Rock ‘n’ Roll’?
  36. What was Elvis Presley’s home called?
  37. K-pop is a genre which refers to pop music from which country?
  38. Who is the youngest person to headline the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury?
  39. In David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’, who are ground control trying to contact?
  40. ‘Don’t Mug Yourself’ and ‘Dry Your Eyes’ are songs by which English band?
  41. “I got sunshine on a cloudy day” is the opening line to which song by The Temptations?
  42. Which reality TV competition did Little Mix win in 2011?
  43. In what year did Blur release their 3rd studio album ‘Parklife’?
  44. Lady Gaga released two collaborative studio albums with which legendary artist?
  45. Which year in music was known as the Summer of Love?
  46. According to Katie Melua, how many bicycles are there in Beijing?
  47. What was Take That’s first UK number one?
  48. ‘Underneath the Tree’ was a 2021 hit for who?
  49. In what year did The Weather Girls have a hit with ‘It’s Raining Men’?
  50. Who recorded ‘Funky Stuff’ and ‘Jungle Boogie’?

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  1. Kurt Cobain
  2. Kate Bush
  3. Rolex
  4. Download
  5. Capital
  6. The Beatles
  7. Red
  8. SexyBack
  9. Pulp
  10. Sting
  11. 4th
  12. 3; Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance.
  13. Coolio
  14. The Sugarcubes
  15. Rag’n’Bone Man
  16. Paul McCartney
  17. Black Sabbath
  18. 50 Cent
  19. Stacy’s
  20. Uptown Funk
  21. Love
  22. Canadian
  23. Vindaloo
  24. The Prodigy
  25. Ukraine
  26. Saturday Night
  27. The Jam
  28. Babybird
  29. Sally
  30. Catatonia
  31. Chuck Berry
  32. Sheffield
  33. Piano
  34. Taylor Swift
  35. Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  36. Graceland
  37. South Korea
  38. Billie Eilish
  39. Major Tom
  40. The Streets
  41. My Girl
  42. The X-Factor
  43. 1994
  44. Tony Bennett
  45. 1967
  46. 9 million
  47. Pray
  48. Kelly Clarkson
  49. 1982
  50. Kool & the Gang

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