50 80s Music Quiz Questions and Answers

Everybody knows the 80s was an iconic decade for modern music.

MTV was born, mega-popstars like Madonna and Michael Jackson dominated the charts and the synthesiser became king. New genres gained popularity including New Wave, Hair Metal, Hip-Hop, New Romantic, Glam Rock and more. And let’s not forget the slew of one-hit wonders that still get radio play today!

These 80s music quiz questions and answers will have you reminiscing over your younger years or have you pining to be an 80s kid. So ‘Come on Eileen’ and let’s MC Hammer through these questions. Sorry, bad puns.

If the 80s isn’t your era, maybe these 90s music quiz questions will be right up your street. Or, if you’re an all round music aficionado, check out our super-groovy collection of general music quiz questions.

How many can you get right?

80s Music Quiz Questions and Answers



  1. ‘Candy Girl’ was an R&B song by which boy band?
  2. How many UK number 1 hits did Madness have in the 80s?
  3. Which 2 artists performed the song ‘Up Where We Belong’?
  4. Which American singer and teen icon is famous for her 1987 cover of ‘I Think We’re Alone Now?
  5. According to Phil Collins, how many hearts were there believing in just one mind?
  6. What nationality are A-ha?
  7. What was the title of Kylie Minogue’s first UK number 1 single?
  8. Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ was released in what year?
  9. ‘Love Song’ was a duet between which two artists?
  10. Which Beatle spent nine days in a Tokyo prison in January 1980?
  11. Which American singer released ‘Edge of Seventeen’?
  12. Which iconic Simple Minds song plays during the opening and closing credits of ‘The Breakfast Club’?
  13. Belinda Carlisle was the lead singer of which 80s girl band before achieving solo success?
  14. According to Bon Jovi, where did Tommy used to work?
  15. What year was also the name of Prince’s 5th studio album?
  16. ‘Addicted to Love’ was a single by which English rock singer??
  17. In what year did Live Aid?
  18. Which fruit is featured on the cover for The Stone Roses’ self-titled album?
  19. Billy Ocean comes from which Caribbean country?
  20. Which band released the single ‘Kokomo’ which was featured in the movie ‘Cocktail’?
  21. What was the name of Madonna’s first UK number 1 album?
  22. According to Sammy Hagar’s hit song, what can’t he drive?
  23. The Traveling Wilburys was a supergroup consisting of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and which other two musicians?
  24. Which Duran Duran song opened with a sample of laughter from the keyboardist’s girlfriend?
  25. What is the pencil-sketch animation technique used in the music video for A-Ha ‘Take on Me’ called?
  26. ‘Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams’ is a lyric from which Culture Club song?
  27. Who just called to say ‘I love you’?
  28. Which singer released the song ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ in 1981?
  29. What was U2’s debut album released in 1980 called?
  30. Which boy band featured the twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss?
  31. In which year in the 80s did Great Britain win the Eurovision Song Contest?
  32. Who was the first act to perform at Live Aid?
  33. What single did Band Aid release in 1984 to raise money for the famine in Ethiopia?
  34. Slash was an original member of which rock band?
  35. Brian Johnson was the lead for which band?
  36. What did Billy Idol say it was a nice day for?
  37. Which band released the 80s singles ‘Atomic’ and ‘Call Me’?
  38. What was the first UK number 1 single for New Kids On The Block in 1989?
  39.  Which parody band had a hit single called ‘Startrekkin’?
  40. ‘Walk This Way’ was a collaboration between Aerosmith and which hip-hop group?
  41. Queen’s 9th studio album was the soundtrack to which movie released in 1980?
  42. What is the first thing Rick Astley says he’d never do to you?
  43. Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ was the theme song for which boxing movie?
  44. Pet Shop Boys are a duo consisting of which 2 musicians?
  45. What is the real name of The Police frontman Sting?
  46. Chuck D and Flavor Flav were members of which hip-hop group?
  47. In which city were The Housemartins formed?
  48. According to the Beastie Boys, what right do you have to fight for?
  49. In what year did Michael Jackson release his 7th studio album ‘Bad’?
  50. What was the best-selling UK single of the 1980s?

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  1. New Edition
  2. One; ‘House of Fun’ in 1982
  3. Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
  4. Tiffany
  5. 2
  6. Norwegian
  7. I Should Be So Lucky
  8. 1987
  9. Madonna & Prince
  10. Paul McCartney
  11. Stevie Nicks
  12. Don’t You (Forget About Me)
  13. The Go-Go’s
  14. On the docks
  15. 1999
  16. Robert Palmer
  17. 1985
  18. Lemon
  19. Trinidad & Tobago
  20. The Beach Boys
  21. Like a Virgin
  22. 55
  23. Tom Petty & Roy Orbison
  24. Hungry Like the Wolf
  25. Rotoscoping
  26. Karma Chameleon
  27. Stevie Wonder
  28. Kim Carnes
  29. Boy
  30. Goss
  31. 1981 as Bucks Fizz won performing ‘Making Your Mind Up’
  32. Status Quo
  33. Do They Know It’s Christmas?
  34. Guns N’ Roses
  35. AC/DC
  36. A white wedding
  37. Blondie
  38. You Got It (The Right Stuff)
  39. The Firm
  40. RUN DMC
  41. Flash Gordon
  42. Give you up
  43. Rocky III
  44. Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe
  45. Gordon Sumner
  46. Public Enemy
  47. Hull
  48. Your right to party
  49. 1987
  50. ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ – Band Aid

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