50 K-Pop Quiz Questions and Answers

K-Pop, short for Korean pop, was popularised in the 1990s by bands like Seo Taiji and Boys and grew to become a key part of South Korean culture.

In the 2020s, K-Pop represents one of the fastest-growing music genres amongst young people and adults worldwide, with bands like BTS and Blackpink leading the revolution. It also forms part of the ‘Korean Wave’ as South Korean entertainment like movies, TV and music grows in popularity across the Western world.

And why not? K-Pop has it all. Fashion, dance choreography and absolute bangers that make you want to get up and dance.

With that in mind, we’ve written the ultimate bundle of K-Pop quiz questions and answers to see if you’re really a K-pop stan. So if you know your BIG BANG from your MONSTA X and your Wonder Girls from 4Minute, then you’ve got a good chance of getting all 50 correct. Any less than 30 and you’re not a true superfan.

Also, if you think you’re ARMY, our BTS quiz questions are the next challenge you’re looking for. Plus, there’s a mighty music quiz for the music buffs out there!

But first, let’s see how well you do with this K-Pop trivia.

K-Pop Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Who was the first group to achieve a ‘Rookie Grand Slam’?
  2. Which group is DAWN formerly a member of?
  3. Which group is often referred to as ‘The Kings of K-Pop’?
  4. What song achieved MAMAMOO their first music show win in 2016?
  5. Who is the leader of ITZY?
  6. In Super Junior’s music video for MAMACITA, who shoots Siwon?
  7. What instrument does DAY6’s Wonpil play in the band?
  8. Which girl group has the most music show wins?
  9. Which BTS member has the most viewed fancam of all time on YouTube?
  10. Which idol siblings performed a cover of ‘Candy In My Ears’ on Music Bank in 2022?
  11. What is Tomorrow x Together’s fandom name?
  12. Which is the last music video to include all 12 original EXO members?
  13. What animal is used as the cover art for NewJeans’s first EP?
  14. What colour is Hyunjin’s hair in the music video for Stray Kids’ ‘Back Door’?
  15. Which Girls’ Generation (SNSD) member spent the least amount of time in training before debut?
  16. Which GOT7 member went viral for their reaction to J. Y. Park and Hwasa’s performance during MAMA 2019?
  17. Who was the first winner of Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the Month’?
  18. What was the name of the first group to debut under SM Entertainment in 1996?
  19. Which co-ed group had a comeback in 2022 with their song ‘Ring the Alarm’?
  20. What is the name of TVXQ’s debut song from 2003?
  21. Which WayV member dressed as Rapunzel for their ‘Bad Alive’ Princess Version dance practice video?
  22. What is the name of the survival reality show of which ENHYPEN was formed?
  23. Which artist featured on the song IU released dedicated to being 25 years old?
  24. Which member of Red Velvet was added after their official debut?
  25. What is BLACKPINK’s most viewed music video on YouTube?
  26. What is the official name of iKON’s lightstick?
  27. Which WINNER music video is shot completely in black and white?
  28. Who won ‘Artist of the Year’ at MAMA 2010?
  29. Which K-Pop artist has the most KOMCA song credits as of 2022?
  30. Which group won the second season of Queendom?
  31. How many members are there in the group SEVENTEEN?
  32. Who is the maknae of ATEEZ?
  33. Which IVE song samples Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’?
  34. Who was the first K-Pop artist to be invited to perform at Tokyo Dome?
  35. Which f(x) member appears in SHINee’s ‘Replay’ music video?
  36. Who was the first BtoB member to make their solo debut?
  37. Which EVERGLOW member appears first in the music video for ‘DUN DUN’?
  38. What is the name of the TV program in which many K-Pop idols compete in multi-sport events?
  39. Which artist won the ‘Song of the Year Award’ at the MMAs in 2014?
  40. What are the official colours of the ASTRO fanclub?
  41. Who was the first idol group to appear on the variety show Weekly Idol?
  42. What song did the 00z line cover when they performed on Music Bank in 2020?
  43. How many sub-units of NCT are there?
  44. Which group were the first K-Pop artist to appear on the US Billboard Hot 100?
  45. Highlight changed the name of their group when they moved companies in 2016. What was their original name?
  46. What is the name of the girl group Polaris Entertainment debuted in 2013?
  47. How many generations of K-Pop have there been?
  48. Which Girls On Top member is not associated with another group?
  49. Which song is attributed to saving EXID from disbanding after one of the member’s fancams went viral?
  50. What is the most viewed K-Pop music video on YouTube?

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  1. SHINee
  2. Pentagon
  3. Big Bang
  4. You’re the Best
  5. Yeji
  6. Leeteuk
  7. Keyboard
  8. TWICE
  9. V
  10. Moon Bin & Moon Sua
  11. MOA (Moments of Alwaysness)
  12. Overdose
  13. Rabbit
  14. Pink
  15. Sunny
  16. Jackson
  17. Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)
  18. H.O.T.
  19. KARD
  20. HUG
  21. Hendery
  22. I-Land
  23. G-Dragon
  24. Yeri
  26. KONBAT
  28. 2NE1
  29. Ravi (VIXX)
  30. Cosmic Girls (WJSN)
  31. 13
  32. JongHo
  33. After LIKE
  34. Rain
  35. Victoria
  36. Changsub
  37. Yiren
  38. Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC)
  39. Taeyang (with ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’)
  40. Space Violet & Vivid Plum
  42. Red Velvet – Psycho
  43. 4
  44. Wonder Girls
  45. B2ST
  46. Ladies’ Code
  47. 4
  48. BoA
  49. Up&Down
  50. PSY – Gangnam Style

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