50 Boxing Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you think your trivia is a knock-out?

Are you ‘gloves-off’ when it comes to quizzes about boxing?

If so, we think you’ll really enjoy these boxing quiz questions and answers. Boxing can be dated back to Ancient Greece when they first held the Olympic Games, and so it is considered one of the oldest combat sports in Europe.

A particularly brutal sport, boxing hasn’t always had the best reputation, and is known for its drama and showmanship. Nonetheless, it is famous for its swathes of spectators, and along with that, large amounts of prize money. It is a sport for the tough and the gnarly, and definitely not for the faint-hearted!

This quiz features 50 questions and 50 answers on all things boxing, from legendary fighters to boxing pop culture, infamous matches to technical know-how.

And if you’re ready to get back in the ring after this quiz, test your knowledge with our sport quiz questions.

When you are ready to give it all you’ve got, put your best foot forward and good luck!

Boxing Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. How many rounds are there in a professional boxing match?
  2. What is the nickname of Tyson Fury?
  3. In pounds, what is the maximum weight of a cruiserweight in professional boxing?
  4. In what year did the Olympics introduce women’s boxing as a non-demonstration sport?
  5. What is Muhammad Ali’s original name?
  6. What is the nationality of former professional boxer Joe Calzaghe?
  7. Who won the highly publicised match between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul in 2023?
  8. What is the term for the condition where someone can be knocked out with a single hit to the chin?
  9. In which state is the iconic boxing venue Madison Square Garden?
  10. Which former heavyweight boxer promoted a popular electric cooking appliance named after him?
  11. What is the first name of Vitali Klitschko’s brother?
  12. Which British boxing equipment manufacturer features a lion on its logo?
  13. What is the correct term for a small air-filled punching bag suspended from the ceiling which is used to improve hand-eye coordination and punching speed in boxing?
  14. Which part of Evander Holyfield did Mike Tyson bite?
  15. When a boxer falls to the floor, how many seconds do they have to get up again?
  16. What item is thrown into the boxing ring as a token of defeat?
  17. In what year were Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall the first female boxers to headline the O2 Arena?
  18. How often does the national Golden Gloves competition in the US occur?
  19. What was the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman billed as?
  20. In what year did the Amateur Boxing Association of England lift its ban on female boxers?
  21. When was Britain’s oldest boxing club, Repton Boxing Club, established?
  22. What two weight categories were added to women’s boxing at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics?
  23. British female boxer Natasha Jonas hails from which British city?
  24. The International Boxing Federation (AIBA) rules state that referees and required to wear a black bow tie. True or false?
  25. How old was Amir Khan when he won silver at the Athens 2004 Olympics?
  26. Which female British boxer won gold at both London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics in the flyweight category?
  27. Which MMA fighter made his debut professional boxing match in 2017 against Floyd Mayweather Jr.?
  28. Which sport drink sponsored boxer Anthony Joshua?
  29. In what year did the Thrilla in Manila fight take place?
  30. After his retirement, how many professional boxing matches did cricketer Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff fight in?
  31. Vitali Klitschko is the mayor of which European capital?
  32. Clint Eastwood directed which boxing film starring Hilary Swank?
  33. In which round did Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder in the Wilder v Fury III match 2021?
  34. In the boxing film Southpaw, who plays the main character Billy Hope?
  35. Which boxer was the flag bearer for the Irish Olympic team at the London 2012 Olympics?
  36. Who beat Nathan Gorman on the 26th of November 2022 to take the British heavyweight boxing title?
  37. Which London-based university is Audley Harrison an alumni of?
  38. Who was the first boxer to win more than $100 million in purses?
  39. Who was named Promoter of the Year by the World Boxing Association in 2022?
  40. What is the name for the boxing stance where the left foot is placed in front of the right foot?
  41. Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns and who else was known as the Four Kings of boxing?
  42. Which boxer made Forbes’ Highest Paid Athlete List in 2022
  43. Which European country banned professional boxing in 1982, only to vote to lift the ban in 2014?
  44. Where is the World Boxing Association (WBA) headquartered?
  45. Which former British boxer proposed to his wife in the boxing ring?
  46. Which professional boxer served as Senator of the Philippines between 2016-2022?
  47. Which female boxer won gold in the middleweight category at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics?
  48. Chris Eubank retired with a total of 45 wins. How many of these wins were knock-outs?
  49. What is the term for the technique where a boxer leans against the ropes of the ring and allows blows to be absorbed by the ropes’ elasticity, tiring out the boxer throwing the punches?
  50. Who was the first female licensed boxer in the UK?

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  1. 12
  2. The Gypsy King
  3. 200 lbs
  4. 2012
  5. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.
  6. Welsh
  7. Tommy Fury
  8. Glass jaw
  9. New York
  10. George Foreman
  11. Wladimir
  12. Lonsdale
  13. A speedbag or speedball
  14. His ear
  15. 10 seconds
  16. A towel or sponge
  17. 2022
  18. Annually
  19. The Rumble in the Jungle
  20. 1996
  21. 1884
  22. Welterweight & Featherweight
  23. Liverpool
  24. True
  25. 17
  26. Nicola Adams
  27. Conor McGregor
  28. Lucozade
  29. 1975
  30. One
  31. Kyiv
  32. Million Dollar Baby
  33. Eleventh
  34. Jake Gyllenhaal
  35. Katie Taylor
  36. Fabio Wardley
  37. Brunel University
  38. “Sugar” Ray Leonard
  39. Eddie Hearn
  40. Orthodox stance
  41. Roberto Duran
  42. Canelo Alvarez
  43. Norway
  44. Panama City, Panama
  45. Carl Froch
  46. Manny Pacquiao
  47. Lauren Price
  48. 23
  49. The rope-a-dope
  50. Jane Couch

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