50 Football Quiz Questions and Answers

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world.

There are an estimated 3.5 billion football fans around the world. And around 11% watch professional football every day.

So what kind of fan are you?

Do you never miss an away game, or are you an armchair fan?

Either way, this football trivia is for you. We’ve compiled 50 football quiz questions and answers covering the best of the beautiful game. You’ll find questions on the Premier League, World Cup, historic clubs, legendary players and more!

And if you’ve got extra time when you’re done, check out our FIFA World Cup quiz questions and our super-duper sport quiz questions.

But first, let’s see if you can put in a title-winning performance with these football quiz questions and answers.

*Whistle blows* Good luck!

Football Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. The Scudetto is the name given to the league title in which European country?
  2. Which club did Alan Shearer win the Premier League title with?
  3. Red Bull own a football club based in which Austrian city?
  4. Who was the first goalkeeper to score in an FA Cup tie?
  5. Which 2 teams play in The Barcelona Derby?
  6. Which footballer has won the Premier League with both Leicester City and Manchester City?
  7. Which former FIFA World Player of the Year became President of his home country in 2018?
  8. Which player had 13 years between his 2 Champions League wins in 1995 and 2008?
  9. Who was the first striker to score 100 Premier League goals for two different clubs?
  10. How many times has England won the UEFA Women’s Championship?
  11. In which year was the first UEFA European Championship held?
  12. The Brazilian legend Romario played 5 seasons for which Dutch club before moving to Barcelona?
  13. Which company has sponsored the EFL Trophy since 2020?
  14. In what year was the Women’s Football Association established in England?
  15. What is Juventus’ nickname?
  16. In what football league does ‘The Beckham Rule’ apply?
  17. Who is the most capped England player with 125 appearances?
  18. Who scored the first ever goal in the Premier League?
  19. Which EFL team plays their home games at the Wham Stadium?
  20. What country did Eusébio play international football for?
  21. Which football club as a stand named after Sir Elton John?
  22. In what year did the women’s England football team play their first ever international game?
  23. Which English club was the first to win the European Cup twice?
  24. Which 2 countries hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup?
  25. Which striker was the first to score more than 20 goals in the Premier League for 5 consecutive seasons?
  26. Tranbzonspor are a football club based in which country?
  27. Reece James spent the 2019/20 season on loan at which club?
  28. At which club did Frank Lampard start his professional career?
  29. Who is the Bundesliga’s all-time top goalscorer?
  30. Which England goalkeeper saved a penalty against Scotland at UEFA Euro 1996?
  31. Who was the first player to be sent off in an FA Cup Final?
  32. As of 2022, how many Ballon d’Or awards has Lionel Messi won?
  33. What stadium is home to Bayern Munich?
  34. Deli Ali moved to Tottenham Hotspur from which EFL club?
  35. How many teams play in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League?
  36. Which manager gave Gareth Southgate his England debut?
  37. Who were the first team to win the European Cup in 1956?
  38. Name the three players who shared the Premier League Golden Boot in 2019.
  39. Which nation has won the African Cup of Nations the most?
  40. How many teams originally competed in the Premier League?
  41. Which Argentinian club did Lionel Messi play for as a youth?
  42. Which football club in 1993 became the first to win the FA Cup and League Cup in the same season?
  43. Which Frenchman was the first foreign player to win the PFA Player of the Year award?
  44. Which club set a Premier League record for most goals scored in a match away from home when they beat Southampton 9-0?
  45. What is the Dutch Super cup also known as?
  46. Jaap Stam managed which English club?
  47. What is Newcastle United’s mascot called?
  48. Which nation won UEFA Euro 1992 despite not initially qualifying?
  49. Which player holds the record for the most Premier League appearances with 653 games?
  50. Hearts and Hibs both play their home games in which Scottish city?

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  1. Italy
  2. Blackburn Rovers
  3. Salzburg
  4. Alan Cooling (in 1977 for Hampton)
  5. Barcelona & Espanyol
  6. Riyad Mahrez
  7. George Weah
  8. Edwin Van Der Sar
  9. Alan Shearer
  10. 1 (in 2022)
  11. 1960
  12. PSV Eindhoven
  13. Papa Johns
  14. 1969
  15. The Old Lady
  16. MLS
  17. Peter Shilton
  18. Brian Deane
  19. Accrington Stanley
  20. Portugal
  21. Watford F.C.
  22. 1972
  23. Liverpool
  24. South Korea & Japan
  25. Thierry Henry
  26. Turkey
  27. Wigan Athletic
  28. West Ham
  29. Gerd Müller (with 365 goals)
  30. David Seaman
  31. Kevin Moran (in 1985)
  32. 7
  33. Allianz Arena
  34. MK Dons
  35. 32
  36. Terry Venables
  37. Real Madrid
  38. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah
  39. Egypt (7 times)
  40. 22
  41. Newell’s Old Boys
  42. Arsenal
  43. Eric Cantona
  44. Leicester City
  45. Johan Cruyff Shield
  46. Reading
  47. Monty Magpie
  48. Denmark
  49. Gareth Barry
  50. Edinburgh

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