50 Sport Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you a football fanatic or bonkers about boxing?

Crazy about cricket or gaga for golf?

Or do you simply love watching any sport that’s on the TV?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those, then you’re going to love these sport quiz questions and answers.

This sport trivia will test your entire sporting knowledge. It’ll cover a little bit of everything from the FIFA World Cup to Wimbledon to sumo wrestling and snooker.

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But first, let’s see if you can put in a gold medal performance with these 50 sport quiz questions and answers.

Sport Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Where did the first modern Summer Olympic games take place in 1896?
  2. What is the nickname for Arsenal FC?
  3. What number shirt is worn by a fullback in rugby union?
  4. Which boxer did Muhammad Ali fight in ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’?
  5. How many Premier League titles did Manchester United win under Sir Alex Ferguson?
  6. In what year was the first edition of The Hundred cricket tournament?
  7. Which Irish footballer was sent home before the start of the 2002 FIFA World Cup after a public quarrel with his manager?
  8. Ricky Hatton’s first career loss was to which other boxer?
  9. What date do all racehorses in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate their birthday?
  10. In which sport would you commonly use the terms; chukka, neckshot and millionaire’s shot?
  11. Which French city is known for its 24 hour motor race?
  12. What is the name of the only racehorse to win the Grand National 3 times?
  13. Which football club has stands named after Graham Taylor and Sir Elton John?
  14. Which sport takes place in a velodrome?
  15. In which 2 countries did the 2019 Cricket World Cup take place?
  16. Follower and rover are positions in which sport?
  17. Which nation won the 2019 Rugby World Cup?
  18. What is the term for a score of 1 over par on a golf hole?
  19. Andy Murray’s first Grand Slam title was at which tennis tournament?
  20. At which football stadium would you find The Shankly Gates?
  21. How many Olympic gold medals did Michael Phelps win?
  22. Which sport do the New York Giants play?
  23. What is the national sport of Japan?
  24. Which MLS franchise team does David Beckham own?
  25. How many horses start the Grand National at Aintree?
  26. What country is Roger Federer from?
  27. What are the indentations on a golf ball commonly called?
  28. In karate, what colour belt comes right before black?
  29. Which country won the first FIFA World Cup in 1930?
  30. How many days does Wimbledon traditionally last?
  31. Which snooker player has also written crime fiction novels called ‘Framed’, ‘Double Kiss’ and ‘The Break’?
  32. Which golfer was known as ‘The Big Easy’?
  33. What sport did Princess Anne compete in at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games?
  34. How many points are awarded for a touchdown in American Football?
  35. Who was the first Olympic gymnast to score a perfect 10?
  36. Conor McGregor held UFC titles in which 2 weight classes simultaneously?
  37. Who was the last English manager to win English football’s top division?
  38. Which Formula One team did Lewis Hamilton compete for from 2007 to 2012?
  39. In darts, what is the highest score from a single dart?
  40. Which football manager is known as ‘The Special One’?
  41. The Boat Race is an annual event between which 2 universities?
  42. In football, how many yards is a penalty kick taken from goal?
  43. The boxer Prince Nazeem was born and raised in which English city?
  44. What does NASCAR stand for?
  45. Which team won the FA Cup in 2013?
  46. In what round did Anthony Joshua defeat Wladimir Klitschko in 2017?
  47. Which 2 players scored in England’s 2-1 victory over Germany in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Final?
  48. Where do Warwickshire County Cricket Club play their home games?
  49. Who performed at the Super Bowl LV half time show in 2021?
  50. Which football team’s victory in a Champions League final is known as the ‘Miracle of Istanbul’?

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  1. Athens, Greece
  2. The Gunners
  3. 15
  4. George Foreman
  5. 13
  6. 2021
  7. Roy Keane
  8. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  9. 1st January
  10. Polo
  11. Le Mans
  12. Red Rum, he won in 1973, 1974 and 1977
  13. Watford FC
  14. Cycling
  15. England & Wales
  16. Australian Rules Football
  17. South Africa
  18. Bogey
  19. U.S. Open
  20. Anfield, Liverpool
  21. 23
  22. American Football
  23. Sumo wrestling
  24. Inter Miami CF
  25. 40
  26. Switzerland
  27. Dimples
  28. Brown
  29. Uruguay
  30. 14
  31. Ronnie O’Sullivan
  32. Ernie Els
  33. Equestrian
  34. 6
  35. Nadia Comăneci
  36. Featherweight & Lightweight
  37. Howard Wilkinson (1992, Leeds United)
  38. McLaren
  39. 60
  40. Jose Mourinho
  41. Oxford & Cambridge
  42. 12 yards
  43. Sheffield
  44. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
  45. Wigan Athletic
  46. 11th round
  47. Ella Toone & Chloe Kelly
  48. Edgbaston Stadium
  49. The Weeknd
  50. Liverpool FC

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