50 Love Island Quiz Questions and Answers

“I’ve got a text!” are the words we never get tired of hearing.

Love Island is quite simply a must-watch TV show. A group of single “Islanders” meet for the first time in a stunning sunny-side villa for a Summer of fun, dating and romance. What’s not to love?

Since ITV2 first aired in 2015, there have been many memorable contestants and iconic catchphrases in Love Island’s Casa Amor. There has also been plenty of juicy challenges, re-coupling and blazing rows. It’s safe to say these Love Island quiz questions and answers have a lot of drama to test you on.

Put all your eggs in one basket and play this quiz solo or go head-to-head with your friends. But remember what they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it. And, when you’ve finished grafting on this quiz, our TV quiz questions and answers might be leng enough to turn your head.

Only a true fan will get all 50 of these Love Island quiz questions correct. Any less than 45/50, pack your bags… you’ve been dumped from the Love Island Fan Club.

Crack on!

Love Island Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. In Season 3’s baby challenge, what was the name of Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood’s baby?
  2. What is Molly Mae’s teddy called?
  3. How long were Gemma Owens and her ex, Jacques O’Neill, a couple before they entered the Love Island villa?
  4. What was the diving contest called in Season 5?
  5. What was the name of Chris and Kem’s song?
  6. Who did Jon Clark couple up with from day one and stay with to the end of Season 1?
  7. Which ex-Islander owns a horse named Dolly?
  8. Which Love Island contestant was an ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry?
  9. What breakfast food caused Terry Walsh and Malin Andersson to fall out?
  10. What did Amber Gill call Joanna Chimonides when she first met her in Season 5?
  11. Which celebrity made an appearance on Love Island’s first season to take the lads on a night out?
  12. Who coupled up with Kem to split him and Amber up in Season 3?
  13. Which designer brand was used to insult Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu in Season 8?
  14. What club was founded by Wes Nelson?
  15. How did Ovie keep his head cool?
  16. Which contestant worked at Nando’s?
  17. Which two Islanders went on the first date in Season 8?
  18. Which contestant wore the Sagittarius necklace throughout her run on the show?
  19. How long did Malia from Season 2 last in the villa?
  20. Name the job Jay Younger had before entering the villa.
  21. Rugby loving Oliver Wallis’ childhood nickname ‘Chuggs’ stands for what?
  22. Which islander has gone on and founded their own bath bomb company?
  23. Who refused to take part in the Karma Sutra challenge in Season 1 because she’s a ‘good Christian girl’?
  24. Which singer performed at the 2021 Love Island Spotify Summer party?
  25. During the heart rate challenge in Season 8 who did Tasha Ghouri ‘sexy crawl’ towards?
  26. What did Hayley Hughes think Brexit meant?
  27. Name both Islanders from Season 8 who exited the villa in week 2.
  28. What did Jamie Jewitt make for Camilla Thurlow for her birthday in the villa?
  29. What band was Marcel Somerville a part of?
  30. Which contestant was axed of their Miss Great Britain title?
  31. At the start of Season 8 who was Indiyah initially coupled up with?
  32. What message did Scott Thomas write out on the floor to Kady?
  33. Which Islander is known for the famous statement “I’m loyal”?
  34. Winter Love Island’s Mike Boateng is not the first in his family to appear on a reality TV show. Which show did his brother take part in?
  35. Which couple won Love Island in 2019?
  36. Who narrates Love Island?
  37. On Day 17 in Season 8, Antigoni Buxton joined the villa. Name the 3 boys she chose to speed date.
  38. Which Islander has the most Instagram followers?
  39. How much prize money is awarded to the winning couple?
  40. Casa Amor first featured in which season?
  41. Which Islander from a previous season made a return to the villa in Season 8?
  42. What nickname did the narrator give Season 5’s serial re-coupler Danny Williams?
  43. Which reality show has Season 6 islander Luke T’s mum previously appeared on?
  44. What catchphrase did Lucie Donlan unsuccessfully try to introduce into the villa?
  45. Who left the villa, saying: “What goes around comes around. Have a nice life”?
  46. Who did Curtis Pritchard grade 10/10 for kissing, thinking it was his other half, Amy Hart?
  47. What did Jacques O’Neill write in his note to cheer Paige Thorne up?
  48. What was the video clip of Ekin-Su called from Movie Night?
  49. Name the couple who won the first Love Island season in 2015.
  50. On which Spanish island has Love Island take place in the most?

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  1. Cash Hughes
  2. Ellie Belly
  3. 8 months
  4. Salmon Diving
  5. Little Bit Leave It
  6. Hannah Elizabeth
  7. Olivia Bowen
  8. Camilla Thurlow
  9. Cheese Toastie
  10. Dead ting
  11. Calum Best
  12. Georgia Harrison
  13. Louis Vuitton
  14. The Do Bits Society
  15. Put his hats in the freezer
  16. Liberty Poole
  17. Davide Sanclimenti and Gemma Owen
  18. Millie Court
  19. 20 minutes
  20. Investment Analyst
  21. Cuddles and Hugs
  22. Dr Alex
  23. Zoe Basia Brown
  24. Mabel
  25. Luca Bish
  26. We wouldn’t have any more trees in the UK
  27. Afia and Remi
  28. Avocado on toast
  29. Blazin’ Squad
  30. Zara Holland
  31. Ikenna Ekwonna
  32. Kady McDermott
  33. Georgia Steel
  34. The Apprentice
  35. Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea
  36. Iain Stirling
  37. Davide, Dami, and Jay
  38. Molly-Mae Hague
  39. £50,000
  40. Season 3
  41. Adam Collard
  42. The travel agent
  43. The X-Factor
  44. Bev
  45. Yewande Biala
  46. Arabella Chi
  47. Miss you honey buns xx
  48. I know what Ekin-Su did last summer
  49. Jessica Hayes and Max Morley
  50. Mallorca

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