25 Moon Knight Quiz Questions & Answers [Spoilers]

The latest character to debut in Phase 4 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) is Moon Knight. With Season 1 wrapped up on Disney+, now would be a good time to test yourself with some Moon Knight trivia.

When the show was first announced, many Marvel fans across the world were asking “who’s the new guy?” In actual fact, the lunar superhero has been around for a long time in the comic books. Moon Knight made his first comic book appearance in 1975. He was created as a villain hired to kill Werewolf by Night in the comic of the same name. Later appearances throughout the 70s recast him as a more heroic character, but his mainstream popularity never reached the heights of other heroes like Captain America and Iron Man.

Marvel’s Phase 4 aims to change that as they continue to shine light onto obscure characters from their back catalogue. Judging by the critical praise of the show, his public popularity and the demand for Moon Knight trivia online, the character is a smash hit. Mental, innit bruv?

Below you’ll find a selection of Moon Knight quiz questions and answers to see how well you know Marvel’s latest superhero.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Moon Knight quiz questions and answers



    1. Who stars as Moon Knight in the Disney+ TV show?
    2. What is the name of Marc Spector aka Moon Knight’s British alter ego?
    3. What is the name of the Egyptian Moon God for whom Marc Spector becomes an avatar?
    4. What real life museum does Steven Grant work in?
    5. How many episodes of Moon Knight are in Season 1?
    6. What is the name of the actor who voices Khonshu?
    7. What pet does Steven Grant keep in his apartment?
    8. The series villain, Arthur Harrow, is played by which actor?
    9. In the first episode, “The Goldfish Problem”, Steven Grant wakes up in the Alps of which European country?
    10. Arthur Harrow is the servant to which Egyptian goddess?
    11. Steven Grant discovers that Ammit’s last avatar was which historical figure?
    12. What must Marc and Steven balance on the Scales of Justice to enter the Field of Reeds?
    13. The Egyptian goddess, Taweret, who helps guide Moon Knight through the afterlife has the head of what animal?
    14. What two things is Taweret the Goddess of?
    15. What was Marc Spector’s little brother called who tragically died?
    16. What fictional film poster is on Marc Spector’s childhood bedroom wall?
    17. What does Arthur Harrow fill his sandals with before putting them on?
    18. What mental illness does Moon Knight suffer from?
    19. In which ancient structure does the council of Gods meet with Moon Knight and Khonshu in episode 3, “The Friendly Type”?
    20. What is the name of Marc Spector’s 3rd alter ego who we meet in the final episode?
    21. What animal does the Egyptian Goddess Ammit resemble?
    22. What are Moon Knight’s blades shaped like?
    23. After balancing his heart, Marc Spector finds himself in the Egyptian afterlife. What is it called?
    24. What is the stone figure called which Khonshu is imprisoned within?
    25. What is the name of Marc Spector’s wife?

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    1. Oscar Isaac
    2. Steven Grant
    3. Khonshu
    4. The British Museum
    5. Six
    6. F. Murray Abraham
    7. A goldfish
    8. Ethan Hawke
    9. Austria
    10. Ammit
    11. Alexander the Great
    12. Their hearts
    13. Hippopotamus
    14. Childbirth and fertility
    15. Randall
    16. Tomb Buster
    17. Glass
    18. Dissociative Identity Disorder
    19. The Great Pyramid of Giza
    20. Jake Lockley
    21. Crocodile
    22. Crescent moons
    23. The Field of Reeds
    24. An ushabti
    25. Layla Abdallah El-Faouly

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