50 Science Quiz Questions and Answers

Science – it’s a real love or hate topic in the world of quizzing.

Some people are utterly obsessed with finding out the inner workings of the universe, from gigantic galaxies to microscopic cells, and everything in between.

Others, alternatively, find everything science-related a total head scratcher, no-go zone, and highly ranked on their personal ‘please don’t ask me this topic’ lists.

Here at Kwizzbit, we’ve made science quiz questions and answers that are a totally mixed bag of difficulty levels, so that everyone can get stuck in.

Whether you’ve got a keen scientific mind, or if your knowledge stems mainly from Big Bang Theory re-runs and Year 11 Biology (no judgement here!), find out just how informed you are with our science quiz questions – you might just surprise yourself!

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Science Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. What chemical compound is CO2 the formula for?
  2. Which of the following is NOT widely considered to be a dominant trait caused by a dominant gene; dark hair, freckles, detached earlobes, straight hair or dimples?
  3. When somebody takes an ’empty’ treatment but believes to experience improved health afterwards, what is this effect referred to as?
  4. There are five major types of biomes on Earth (regions with similar climate, animals and vegetation) – can you name two of them?
  5. Which animal do humans share the most DNA with?
  6. Which planet in our solar system is located furthest away from the sun?
  7. What piece of scientific equipment can be used to magnify small objects, sometimes to a cellular level?
  8. Which NASA telescope did Popular Science magazine name as innovation of the year 2022?
  9. How many pairs of Chromosomes do humans typically have?
  10. What is the human body’s largest organ?
  11. Which female scientist won a Nobel Prize in 1903 for her work on radioactivity?
  12. What does two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen combined chemically create?
  13. At what stage in a star’s life cycle does a supernova occur?
  14. In Biology, Mitosis is a type of what?
  15. What are the three forms which water can be found in?
  16. Where in the universe would you find the strongest pull of gravity?
  17. What does A.I stand for?
  18. At what temperature does water freeze?
  19. On average, how many miles per hour is the speed of sound on a day with regular conditions? (Correct answer to nearest 50)
  20. During photosynthesis, what do plants harvest and turn into chemical energy?
  21. What when grouped together forms a molecule?
  22. Which of the following animals was not alive at the same time as dinosaurs; birds, platypus’s, seahorses, frogs or sharks?
  23. What year was the last total solar eclipse in the UK?
  24. What is at the centre of a cell?
  25. Which chemical element symbolised as Kr shares its name with Superman’s home planet?
  26. Where is thyroxine produced?
  27. What is the average body temperature?
  28. What are the two poles of a magnet called?
  29. Which chemical does our brain release to help keep us motivated, and is found lacking in individuals with ADHD?
  30. How many mass extinctions have there been on Planet Earth that we know of?
  31. Which galaxy is our solar system located in?
  32. What is Deoxyribonucleic acid more commonly known as?
  33. Which vitamin helps your body absorb calcium?
  34. Which European city is the CERN Large Hadron Collider located closest to?
  35. How many moons does the planet Mars have?
  36. Who’s ‘cat’ is used as a thought experiment in quantum mechanics?
  37. Which waste gas do we exhale after breathing in air?
  38. Where abouts in the human body would you find the humerus?
  39. Which ‘belt’ consists of three supergiant stars, each several times larger than the sun?
  40. There are seven chemical elements on the periodic table whose full names begin with M. Can you name one of these elements?
  41. Who invented the Bunsen Burner?
  42. How much DNA does a housecat share with a tiger? (Correct answer to the nearest multiple of five)
  43. Has String Theory proven to be true?
  44. Which of the following is adrenaline NOT a type of – chemical, hormone or neurotransmitter?
  45. Which scientist first discovered gravity?
  46. What type of reaction is respiration?
  47. What is the most efficient form of renewable energy?
  48. Which drug was accidentally discovered when Dr. Alexander Fleming came back from vacation to find mould growing in a Petri dish?
  49. What is the second layer of the Earth called?
  50. Which of the following is NOT a chemical element – gold, silver or bronze?

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  1. Carbon dioxide
  2. Straight hair
  3. Placebo
  4. Two of the following: aquatic, forest, desert, grassland, and tundra
  5. Chimpanzees
  6. Neptune
  7. Microscope
  8. The James Webb telescope
  9. 23
  10. Skin
  11. Marie Curie
  12. Water
  13. At the very end
  14. Cell division
  15. Liquid, gas and solid
  16. Inside a black hole
  17. Artificial intelligence
  18. 0 °C
  19. 760mph
  20. Sunlight/solar energy
  21. Atoms
  22. Seahorses
  23. 1999
  24. Nucleus
  25. Krypton
  26. Thyroid gland
  27. 37°C
  28. North Pole and South Pole
  29. Dopamine
  30. Five
  31. Milky Way
  32. DNA
  33. Vitamin D
  34. Geneva
  35. Two
  36. Schrodinger’s
  37. Carbon dioxide
  38. Arm (it’s your upper arm bone, aka funny bone!)
  39. Orion’s Belt
  40. Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Mercury, Mendelevium, Meitnerium, or Moscovium
  41. Robert Bunsen
  42. 6%
  43. No – not yet anyway!
  44. Chemical
  45. Sir Isaac Newton
  46. Exothermic
  47. Wind power
  48. Penicillin
  49. The mantle
  50. Bronze

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