25 The Boys Quiz Questions and Answers [S3 Spoilers]

Season 3 is finally here. After waiting 2 years to find out what happens next with Hughie, Billy, Vought, and The Seven, excited is an understatement. To help you contain your excitement, we’ve put together a diabolical set of The Boys trivia questions to test your knowledge whilst you wait for the next episode.

The Boys is based on the Garth Ennis comic series of the same name and is a different take on the superhero television you’re used to seeing from Marvel and DC. Released in 2006, the comic books were originally published by WildStorm before being bought and moved to Dynamite Entertainment, known for comic adaptations of well-known franchises such as The Terminator and Sherlock Holmes.

There are some differences between the show and the comics, though. For example, Stormfront, portrayed by Aya Cash, was originally a man in the comics and doesn’t follow the same storyline either. Though her origin is somewhat similar. Also, Hughie’s character was originally based on Simon Pegg, who coincidentally now plays his doting father.

Once you’ve finished, there’s a mega collection of 50 TV quiz questions and answers for you to use your super-intelligence on.

But first, you’ll find 25 The Boys quiz questions and answers to test your Supe knowledge below. How many can you get right?

Warning: Contains spoilers. 

The Boys Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Who are the five members of The Boys?
  2. What nationality is Billy Butcher?
  3. What are Translucent’s two main powers?
  4. What was Hughie Campbells’s job before joining The Boys?
  5. Who retired from The Seven, leading Vought International to search for their replacement?
  6. What colour is Translucent’s hair?
  7. How does Homelander cause a jumbo jet to crash?
  8. What animal did The Deep try to rescue from Ocean World?
  9. Where did Billy Butcher’s wife Becca work and what was her role?
  10. What power does the Capes for Christ organiser Ezekiel have?
  11. What happens to A-Train as a result of his Compound V abuse?
  12. At the end of Season 1, who does Homelander take Billy Butcher to go and see?
  13. Who gave Compound V to a terrorist organisation?
  14. When The Boys are sent to turn in the super terrorist, who does he turn out to be?
  15. What is The Deep riding on when racing The Boys in a boat?
  16. Who became Homelander’s lover in The Seven?
  17. Who helps Hughie break into the Vought headquarters to rescue Starlight?
  18. What is Black Noir allergic to?
  19. Who did Stormfront use to be a member of?
  20. What secret power does Congresswomen Victoria Neuman have?
  21. Who killed Becca Butcher in Season 2?
  22. What was the name of the actor that portrays Stan Edgar?
  23. Who does A-train beat in a race during Season 1?
  24. In which US city are The Boys based?
  25. Which female pop group does Billy Butcher reference when persuading The Boys to stick together?

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  1. Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell, Mothers Milk, Kimiko, Frenchie
  2. British
  3. Invisibility and bulletproof skin
  4. Electronics salesman
  5. Lamplighter
  6. Black
  7. He uses his lasers to destroy the cockpit
  8. A Dolphin
  9. Vought International as a Social Media Manager
  10. Elasticity
  11. Suffers a heart attack
  12. Becca Butcher and Ryan Butcher (Homelander’s Son)
  13. Homelander
  14. Kimiko’s brother
  15. A whale
  16. Stormfront
  17. Lamplighter
  18. Nuts
  19. The Nazis
  20. Molecular combustion AKA she pops heads
  21. Her son Ryan Butcher
  22. Giancarlo Esposito
  23. Shockwave
  24. New York City
  25. The Spice Girls

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