50 Horse Racing Quiz Questions and Answers

Second only to the colossal popularity of football, horse racing is one of the largest sports in the UK. Millions of Britons and Irish attend races each year, either donning their finest to attend in person or tuning in comfortably via their front rooms.

Horse racing can be traced back almost a thousand years, so it’s easy to see why this sport is so ingrained into British and Irish culture – and why we had to make our own horse racing quiz to see how your knowledge sizes up!

The world of horse racing contains countless nail-biting moments, thrilling races, and admirable horses and riders – that’s not to mention all the rules, slang, and different competitions from across the globe.

Think you can master our horse racing quiz questions and answers? Giddy up to the start line and keep your eyes on the prize!

Horse Racing Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. What year did Desert Orchid win the Cheltenham Gold Cup?
  2. What is the name given to a person who rides racehorses professionally?
  3. Which racecourse is the Grand National held at?
  4. ‘Big Red’ was the nickname for which famous racehorse?
  5. Related to their nationality, Minella Times, One For Arthur and Many Clouds are all what type of ‘-bred’?
  6. The Dubai World Cup takes place at which racecourse?
  7. Can you put the following races in order of age, from oldest to newest; Belmont Stakes, Palio di Siena and Kentucky Derby?
  8. Which three races form the US Triple Crown?
  9. As of 2023, what is the most common age amongst the winning racehorses of the Grand National?
  10. In which decade did Spectacular Bid win the Kentucky Derby?
  11. The St Leger Stakes are open to horses of what age?
  12. Which UK bank holiday is the official birthday of all racehorses?
  13. What was the original name of the Grand National race?
  14. Which famous racehorse was the subject of a movie in 2003 starring Tobey Maguire?
  15. What are the two main types of horse races in the UK?
  16. Which royal opened Ascot racecourse in 1711?
  17. Which Irish jockey who debuted in the 90s won the title of British Jump Racing Champion twenty seasons in a row?
  18. Female jockeys have been able to compete in the Grand National since what decade?
  19. For 2024, the number of horses who can compete in the Grand National was reduced to 34. What was the number previously?
  20. Who is the trainer of Noble Yeats?
  21. The Kentucky Oaks allows only which gender of horse to compete?
  22. In one of the biggest racing upsets ever, which outsider horse won the 1993 Breeder’s Cup against odds of 133-1?
  23. Traditionally, how many days is Royal Ascot held over?
  24. Most modern-day racehorses are related to one of three stallions – can you name one of these stallions?
  25. Who became the first female jockey to win the Grand National in 2021?
  26. The Bobbyjo Chase held at Fairyhouse Racecourse is found in which country?
  27. Who is the second horse ever to win the Grand National two years running?
  28. Which of the following legendary jockeys hails from the UK – Cash Asmussen, William ‘Bill’ Shoemaker or Lester Piggott?
  29. The only void Grand National, ‘The Race That Never Was’, occurred in what year?
  30. A maiden race is for what type of horses?
  31. To the nearest hundred thousand, what is the prize money for the 2000 Guineas Stakes?
  32. Which of the following steeplechases is the longest; Savills Chase, Hilly Way Chase or Drinmore Novice Chase?
  33. The maximum number of times a whip can be used is the same for both jump racing and flat racing – true or false?
  34. What number handicap (or higher) must a horse have to enter the Grand National?
  35. Legendary racehorse Man o’ War hails from which country?
  36. How many horses are in a Walkover race?
  37. As of 2024, who is the fastest horse ever to complete the Kentucky Derby with a race time of 1:59.4 minutes?
  38. Which type of racing is officially known in the UK as National Hunt racing?
  39. Typically, how many furlongs are sprint races run over?
  40. Which of the following racehorses has NOT won the Grand National in the last twenty years – Rule The World, Red Marauder or Auroras Encore?
  41. ‘Double carpet’ is slang for what odds in horse racing?
  42. Steeplechases are flat races – true or false?
  43. Who trains Galopin des Champs?
  44. The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe takes place in which city?
  45. Who is the only racehorse to have won the Grand National three times?
  46. Becher’s Brook and Valentine’s Brook are types of what?
  47. The classic English horse race Oaks takes place in which town close to London?
  48. Chester racecourse is Britain’s oldest racecourse – what year was it established?
  49. Who was the horse Affirmed’s rival?
  50. Which lucky horse won the first ever Grand Liverpool Steeplechase?

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  1. 1989
  2. Jockey
  3. Aintree
  4. Secretariat
  5. Irish-bred
  6. Meydan Racecourse
  7. Palio di Siena (1701), Belmont Stakes (1867), Kentucky Derby (1875)
  8. Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes
  9. Nine
  10. 1970s (1979)
  11. Three years
  12. New Years Day
  13. Steeplechase
  14. Seabiscuit
  15. Flat racing and jump racing
  16. Queen Anne
  17. Sir Tony McMcoy
  18. 1970s (since 1977)
  19. 40
  20. Emmet Mullins
  21. Female
  22. Arcangue
  23. Five days
  24. One of the following; Byerly Turk, Darley Arabian, Goldolphin Arabian
  25. Rachel Blackmore
  26. Ireland
  27. Tiger Roll
  28. Lester Piggott
  29. 1993
  30. Horses who haven’t won previously
  31. £500,000
  32. Savills Chase
  33. False (it’s seven times for jump racing but only six times for flat racing)
  34. 120
  35. USA
  36. One
  37. Secretariat
  38. Jump racing
  39. Between five and six
  40. Red Marauder (they last won in 2001!)
  41. 33-1
  42. False
  43. Willie Mullins
  44. Paris
  45. Red Rum
  46. Fence
  47. Epsom
  48. 1539
  49. Alydar
  50. Lottery

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