50 One Direction Quiz Questions and Answers

Did you suffer with One Direction infection? Were you prone to calling yourself ‘Future Mrs. Styles’? If you know your niche facts about the boys who sang ‘Midnight Memories’, we have 50 One Direction quiz questions for you to prove your love for them.

The One Direction obsession was rampant, back in the 2010s. Teen girls flocked to see them in concert, bought all five albums, cardboard cutouts, t-shirts, the works. The band inspired an absolute fever in millions of fans and continue to do so in their solo careers.

So, whether you were a committed Directioner or just knew all the lyrics to ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, it’s time to press play on ‘Four’ and get ready for the best quiz ever.

One Direction Quiz Questions and Answers


    1. Which member of One Direction is from Mullingar, Ireland?
    2. The ‘Where We Are’ tour was in support of which album?
    3. Which One Direction member auditioned with the song ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ on The X Factor?
    4. On what date were One Direction put together?
    5. Which judge on The X Factor actually suggested assembling the boys together?
    6. Which One Direction member also auditioned for The X Factor in 2008?
    7. What song was the first song the band performed as a group?
    8. The album cover for which One Direction album sees the group in a traditional red phone box?
    9. What two songs did the band mash up and cover for their 2013 Comic Relief single?
    10. Where was Harry Styles’s job before he went on The X Factor?
    11. What was the name of the documentary and concert film about the group released in August 2013?
    12. What was the lead single on ‘Four’?
    13. Which member of One Direction was the first to leave?
    14. Which member claims to have come up with the band’s name?
    15. What were fans able to hack to watch One Direction in 2012?
    16. Which toothbrush brand launched a One Direction toothbrush and toothpaste?
    17. What was the name of One Direction’s debut fragrance?
    18. Who is the oldest member of One Direction?
    19. Where was 1D Day livestreamed from?
    20. Which One Direction member was previously in a band called White Eskimo?
    21. One Direction guest starred on which Nickelodeon show?
    22. What remains One Direction’s all-time best-selling single?
    23. Which member of One Direction is an Aquarius?
    24. Which One Direction member is scared of spoons?
    25. ‘This Town’ was the first solo single from which One Direction member?
    26. Where was Louis Tomlinson brought up?
    27. What is Harry Styles’s favourite film?
    28. Which TV talent show is Niall Horan now a judge on?
    29. On which album did the song ‘Wolves appear’?
    30. What is the name of Zayn’s daughter with Gigi Hadid?
    31. In what year did One Direction announce their hiatus?
    32. “If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms,” is a lyric from which song?
    33. What was the name of Zayn’s debut solo single?
    34. Which member of One Direction has the most writing credits for the band?
    35. Which member of One Direction was discovered to have four nipples?
    36. What is the name of the film starring Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford that is based on a fanfiction about Harry Styles?
    37. Who wrote ‘Little Things’ for One Direction?
    38. How many Brit Awards did One Direction win?
    39. Which band supported One Direction on the ‘Where We Are’ tour?
    40. Which member has four arrows tattooed on his arm?
    41. Which music video finds the band in a kebab shop?
    42. Which actor was in the music video for ‘Steal My Girl’?
    43. What is the name of Liam Payne’s son with Cheryl Cole?
    44. What is the name of Harry Styles’s sister?
    45. Which album was the song ‘Fireproof’ on?
    46. Which song are the lyrics “hole in the middle of my heart like a polo” from?
    47. The ‘Where We Are’ concert film was shot at which stadium?
    48. Approximately how many million records did they sell as One Direction?
    49. What was the most successful solo album released by One Direction so far?
    50. Where did One Direction perform together for a final time?

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  1. Niall
  2. Midnight Memories
  3. Harry
  4. 23rd July 2010
  5. Nicole Scherzinger
  6. Liam
  7. Torn
  8. Take Me Home
  9. One Way or Another and teenage Kicks
  10. Bakery
  11. One Direction: This Is Us
  12. Steal My Girl
  13. Zayn
  14. Harry
  15. Airport security cameras
  16. Colgate
  17. Our Moment
  18. Louis
  19. Los Angeles
  20. Harry
  21. iCarly
  22. What Makes You Beautiful
  23. Harry
  24. Liam
  25. Niall
  26. Doncaster
  27. The Notebook
  28. The Voice USA
  29. Made in the A.M.
  30. Khai
  31. 2015
  32. Perfect
  33. Pillowtalk
  34. Louis Tomlinson
  35. Harry
  36. After
  37. Ed Sheeran
  38. 7
  39. 5 Seconds of Summer
  40. Liam
  41. Midnight Memories
  42. Danny DeVito
  43. Bear
  44. Gemma
  45. Four
  46. Over Again
  47. San Siro
  48. 70
  49. Harry Styles by Harry Styles
  50. The X Factor

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