50 Super Bowl Quiz Questions and Answers

The Super Bowl is arguably one of the most exciting nights in the sporting year. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just in it for the fun of the halftime show, these Super Bowl quiz questions will test if you can make it to the end zone or will just fumble.

The perfect way to cure your February blues, it’s time to prove if you know your reigning champions or your MVPs. From the first time it closed the NFL season in 1966 to 2024’s face off between the 49’ers and the Chiefs, there’s trivia to see you through the entire history of the prestigious event.

Super Bowl Quiz Questions and Answers


    1. Who won the first ever Super Bowl?
    2. Which two teams have been Super Bowl champions the most times?
    3. Which team have made the most appearances in a Super Bowl?
    4. Which player has had the most Super Bowls wins?
    5. What is the most consecutive Super Bowl victories a team has had?
    6. Which two teams have had the most Super Bowl losses?
    7. What is the most touchdowns in a Super Bowl?
    8. Which player has had the most Super Bowl MVP awards?
    9. Which city has hosted the most Super Bowls?
    10. What is the fastest score from the start of a Super Bowl game in seconds?
    11. Who has had the most Super Bowl wins as a head coach?
    12. What is the highest scoring Super Bowl game ever?
    13. What is the most watched Super Bowl halftime show?
    14. Which team has the longest Super Bowl win streak of 5 games?
    15. Which two teams have made the most Super Bowl appearances without a win?
    16. Which two teams have been the most common Super Bowl matchup?
    17. Who is the youngest player to have appeared in a Super Bowl?
    18. In which city was the coldest Super Bowl on record played?
    19. Who has sponsored the 2023 and 2024 Super Bowls?
    20. Where will the 2024 Super Bowl be held?
    21. Who will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2024?
    22. Which player has had the most consecutive championships?
    23. Who is the only player to have won a Super Bowl in three different decades?
    24. Who is the oldest player to have appeared in a Super Bowl?
    25. Who is the only quarterback to both throw and catch a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl?
    26. Which player has had the most Super Bowl touchdowns in their career?
    27. What is the highest attended Super Bowl in history?
    28. Where was the first indoor Super Bowl held?
    29. What was the most-watched Super Bowl in history?
    30. How many different cities have hosted the Super Bowl?
    31. Who were the first brothers to play against each other in a Super Bowl?
    32. What is the name of the trophy the winning team in the Super Bowl are awarded?
    33. How many appearances have the 49’ers made in a Super Bowl?
    34. Which two competing football leagues joined together for the first Super Bowl?
    35. How many NFL teams have never made it to the Super Bowl?
    36. Which US university has produced the most Super Bowl quarterbacks?
    37. How many footballs are each team in the Super Bowl given?
    38. When a player wins a Super Bowl, what item of jewellery are they given?
    39. How many million dollars does it cost for a 30-second TV commercial during the Super Bowl?
    40. How many head coaches have won a Super Bowl both as a player and as a head coach?
    41. Which team completed their season and undefeated and as Super Bowl winners in 1972?
    42. Who holds the record for most career Super Bowl rushing yards with 354 over four games?
    43. Who is the only player to win the Super Bowl MVP while playing on a losing team?
    44. Players of which position have won the most Super Bowl MVPs?
    45. Brock Purdy is the quarterback for which Super Bowl contender?
    46. During the Super Bowl, Americans are estimated to eat how many chicken wings?
    47. Who were the first popstars to perform at the halftime show?
    48. What is the name of the first female referee of a Super Bowl?
    49. What is the longest kickoff return of a Super Bowl?
    50. Who has the most-watched Super Bowl performance on YouTube?

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  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots
  3. New England Patriots
  4. Tom Brady
  5. 4
  6. Denver Broncos and New England Patriots
  7. 8
  8. Tom Brady
  9. Miami
  10. 12 seconds
  11. Bill Belichick
  12. Super Bowl XXIX
  13. Rihanna for Super Bowl LVII
  14. San Francisco 49’ers
  15. Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills
  16. Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys
  17. Bryan Bulaga
  18. New Orleans
  19. Apple Music
  20. Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada
  21. Usher
  22. Ken Norton Jr
  23. Tom Brady
  24. Tom Brady
  25. Nick Foles
  26. Jerry Rice
  27. Super Bowl XIV
  28. New Orleans
  29. Super Bowl XLIX
  30. 15
  31. Travis and Jason Kelce
  32. Vince Lombardi Trophy
  33. 7
  34. AFL and NFL
  35. 4
  36. UC Berkeley
  37. 108
  38. Ring
  39. 7 million
  40. 3
  41. Miami Dolphins
  42. Franco Harris
  43. Chuck Howley
  44. Quarterbacks
  45. 49’ers
  46. 45 billion
  47. New Kids on the Block
  48. Sarah Thomas
  49. 108 yards
  50. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

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