25 Bonfire Night Quiz Questions and Answers

Fireworks, bonfires and toffee apples…

You’ve likely celebrated Bonfire Night ever since you were a kid. But how much do you really know about Guy Fawkes Day and its origins?

Do you know why we traditionally celebrate the 5th of November every year? Do you know the Bonfire Night nursery rhyme? Or even which country invented fireworks?

If you know any of those, or are interested in learning, then these Bonfire Night quiz questions and answers are right up your street. Play solo to brush up on your Bonfire Night trivia, challenge your friends, or use it to teach your kids about the day.

Good Luck!

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Bonfire Night Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Complete the traditional Bonfire Night rhyme: ‘Remember, remember the fifth of November…’
  2. What was Guy Fawkes’ real first name?
  3. Who was the leader of the group that planned the Gunpowder Plot?
  4. What year did the Gunpowder Plot take place?
  5. Who is the Catherine Wheel named after?
  6. What speed in mph will a typical rocket firework reach?
  7. It is believed that fireworks were invented where in the world in the 2nd century BC?
  8. The uninhabited Guy Fawkes Island is located in which group of islands?
  9. What is the Yorkshire cake traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night called?
  10. Which museum can you find Guy Fawkes’ lantern on display?
  11. Bonfire Night is celebrated on the anniversary of the failed attempt to blow up what?
  12. 13 people took part in the gunpowder plot. True or false?
  13. Which King was the first to host a fireworks display for a celebration?
  14. Which food is traditionally wrapped and cooked in tin foil on the bonfire?
  15. What fake name did Guy Fawkes use when he was caught guarding the barrels of gunpowder?
  16. Which English city was Guy Fawkes born in?
  17. Which King did the plotters aim to assassinate?
  18. In 2002, which position was Guy Fawkes voted into in BBC’s 100 Greatest Britons poll?
  19. Which firework is named after food, and shoots loads of roman candles?
  20. In what film was the Guy Fawkes mask a symbol of freedom in the face of government oppression?
  21. How many barrels of gunpowder were found under Parliament?
  22. Which TV series featured Brett Butler playing the main character called Grace Kelly?
  23. Lord Monteagle received an anonymous letter warning him about the Gunpodwer Plot. True or false?
  24. What was the religion of the Gunpowder Plot’s conspirators?
  25. Which play by William Shakespeare is often said to be a comment on the Gunpowder Plot?

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  1. Gunpowder, treason and plot
  2. Guido
  3. Robert Catesby
  4. 1605
  5. St Catherine of Alexandria
  6. 150 mph
  7. China
  8. Galapagos
  9. Parkin
  10. Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
  11. Parliament
  12. True
  13. King Henry VII (in 1486)
  14. Jacket potatoes
  15. John Johnson
  16. York
  17. James I of England
  18. 30th
  19. Cake
  20. V for Vendetta
  21. 36
  22. Grace Under Fire
  23. True
  24. Catholic
  25. Macbeth

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