25 St. George’s Day Quiz Questions and Answers

St. George is the patron saint of England, with a special day dedicated to his honour. Whilst most English folk will have undoubtedly heard of St. George, many don’t know the true details of his life or the mythology surrounding his story.

If you’ll be celebrating St. George’s day this year, why not celebrate in style with our St. George’s day quiz questions and answers? We’ve got 25 questions that’ll test your knowledge on the man, the myth, and the legend that is St. George!

Many in England believe this patriotic day should be more widely celebrated; if you think so too, why not start by grabbing your mates and playing our St. George’s day quiz questions? Knights costumes and other medieval garb not provided!

St. George’s Day Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. What date is St. George’s day celebrated in the England?
  2. What colour is traditionally worn on St. George’s day, due to being George’s favourite colour?
  3. The poem ‘Jerusalem’ is often read at St. George’s day events – who wrote this poem?
  4. In the legend of St. George, what mythical creature is he said to have defeated?
  5. As of 2024, is St. George’s day a national holiday in England?
  6. Which flower is associated with the death of St. George?
  7. Aside from flowers, what other item is exchanged between lovers in Catalonia, Spain, to celebrate St. George’s day?
  8. What religion does St. George belong to?
  9. In which English castle would you find St. George’s Chapel?
  10. What animal is traditionally eaten in Bulgaria to celebrate St. George’s day?
  11. Puppet shows featuring which two characters are a popular St. George’s day tradition in England?
  12. George never actually visited England. True or false?
  13. Which of the following countries does NOT celebrate St. George’s day – Croatia, Russia or China?
  14. What century AD was St. George born in?
  15. Which army was St. George an officer in?
  16. What did St. George protest which lead to his beheading?
  17. What colours are the flag of St. George?
  18. George’s day shares its date with which other celebratory day, marked by Shakespeare’s death?
  19. What type of traditional dancing might you find at an English St. George’s day festival?
  20. Which hill in Berkshire is associated with St. George?
  21. George was born in Cappadocia – what modern day country is this?
  22. Which Yorkshire market town dubbed ‘the most patriotic town in England’ is known for its spectacular St. George’s day parade which starts on Queen Street?
  23. In what century AD did George become a Saint?
  24. George is also the patron saint for Ethiopia. True or false?
  25. Who chose St. George to be England’s patron saint?

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  1. April 23rd
  2. Blue
  3. William Blake
  4. A dragon
  5. No (although people are petitioning to change this!)
  6. Red rose
  7. Books
  8. Christianity
  9. Windsor Castle
  10. Lamb
  11. Punch and Judy
  12. True
  13. China
  14. 3rd century
  15. Roman army
  16. The persecution of Christians
  17. Red and white
  18. World Book Day
  19. Morris dancing
  20. Dragon Hill
  21. Turkey
  22. Morley
  23. 5th century (year 494)
  24. True
  25. King Edward III

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