50 Mother’s Day Quiz Questions and Answers

Mums…what would we do without them? Always there to cheer you up and get you through the tough times, mums make the world go around, there’s no doubt about it. This Mother’s Day, we’ve put together 50 Mother’s Day quiz questions and answers to honour the amazing women in our lives.

Everywhere you look, there’s an iconic mother figure – in your favourite TV show, your favourite part of history, your favourite film. All of them willing to go to the ends of the earth for their kids, and each inspiring in their own way. From the history of the day to the most memorable mothers in the media, this mum-related trivia will no doubt have you wanting to give your own mum a call. Once you’ve given her some flowers, of course.

Mother’s Day Quiz Questions and Answers


    1. Where was Mother’s Day originally celebrated?
    2. What cake is traditionally made on Mother’s Day?
    3. Which Sunday in Lent is Mothering Sunday celebrated on?
    4. Who founded Mother’s Day in America?
    5. Roughly how many million cards are sent in the UK on Mother’s Day?
    6. Which springtime flowers are traditionally given on Mother’s Day in the UK?
    7. In which country is Mother’s Day marked in December?
    8. Mothering Sunday was once known as what?
    9. Which Greek goddess was mother to Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia, Poseidon and Zeus?
    10. The oldest recorded mother to date to conceive was how old?
    11. Traditionally, what was freshly baked for mothers on Mothering Sunday?
    12. In the UK, Mother’s Day originated as a tradition where Christians would visit their ‘Mother’ what?
    13. Who is credited with reinvigorating Mother’s Day in the UK in 1913?
    14. Which alcoholic spirit is also know as ‘Mother’s Ruin’?
    15. How many children does Angelina Jolie have, as of 2024?
    16. Lorelai is the mother to Rory in which iconic TV show?
    17. In which sitcom does the mother of Erica, Barry and Adam get referred to as the ‘smother’?
    18. Which singer wrote the song ‘The Best Day’ about her mum?
    19. Who coined the term ‘momager’?
    20. Who is the famous actress mother of Kate Hudson?
    21. How many different actresses have played Morticia Addams at some point?
    22. Which ‘Game of Thrones’ character had the title ‘Mother of Dragons’?
    23. Maya Rudolph is the daughter of which famous soul singer?
    24. Which iconic woman is the mother of Zoe Kravitz?
    25. What are the names of actress Leslie Mann’s two daughters?
    26. Who played the frantic mum of missing Will Byers on ‘Stranger Things’?
    27. What is the name of the TV show where a woman is accidentally artificially inseminated and has a child called Matteo?
    28. What is the name of the mother of Lisa, Bart and Maggie?
    29. Supermodel and actress Kaia Gerber is the daughter of which icon?
    30. How many children does iconic mum Kris Jenner have?
    31. What is the record for the most children a woman has had?
    32. Which rapper claimed they “only love my bed and my mama, I’m sorry”?
    33. Which famous singer is the mum of Tracee Ellis Ross?
    34. In Greek mythology, who was the mother of Persephone?
    35. Which historical mother famously said: “If you bungle raising your children, I’m not sure whatever else you do matters much.”?
    36. Sasha and Malia are the daughters of which iconic mum?
    37. What is the name of Bella and Gigi Hadid’s mother?
    38. Linda Belcher is the mother on which sitcom?
    39. Who is the famous mum of Riley Keough?
    40. Which Oscar-winning musical actress is the daughter of Judy Garland?
    41. Marie Curie and her daughter both won Nobel prizes for their work in which field?
    42. What is the name of the titular mother in ‘How I Met Your Mother’?
    43. What is the name of the historical Roman festivals held to honour Cybele?
    44. How many months are elephants pregnant for?
    45. Which famous Julia starred in the film ‘Mother’s Day’?
    46. Which three actresses star as Amy, Kiki and Carla in ‘Bad Moms’?
    47. What is the name of the film where Lindsay Lohan swaps bodies with her mother?
    48. Mrs Potts in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is the mother of which teacup?
    49. What is the name of Mrs Incredible?
    50. What is the name of Simba’s mother in ‘The Lion King’?

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  1. Ancient Greece
  2. Simnel cake
  3. The fourth
  4. Anna Jarvis
  5. 30 million
  6. Violets
  7. Serbia
  8. Refreshment Sunday
  9. Rhea
  10. 74
  11. Bread
  12. Church
  13. Constance Adelaide Smith
  14. Gin
  15. 6
  16. Gilmore Girls
  17. The Goldbergs
  18. The Best Day
  19. Kris Jenner
  20. Goldie Hawn
  21. 7
  22. Daenerys Targaryen
  23. Minnie Riperton
  24. Lisa Bonet
  25. Maude and Iris Apatow
  26. Winona Ryder
  27. Jane the Virgin
  28. Marge
  29. Cindy Crawford
  30. 6
  31. 69
  32. Drake
  33. Diana Ross
  34. Demeter
  35. Jackie Kennedy Onassis
  36. Michelle Obama
  37. Yolanda Hadid
  38. Bob’s Burgers
  39. Lisa Marie Presley
  40. Liza Minnelli
  41. Radioactivity
  42. Tracy McConnell
  43. Hilaria
  44. 22
  45. Julia Roberts
  46. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn
  47. Freaky Friday
  48. Chip
  49. Helen Parr
  50. Sarabi

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