50 Easy Quiz Questions and Answers

There’s no fun in playing a quiz where you don’t know any of the answers! And while playing a specialised quiz can be great fun for those in the know, choosing the right topic can prove difficult when your group has diverse interests.

That’s why we created the following easy quiz questions and answers. By using our easy quiz questions for your quiz night, you can make sure that the whole gang can get involved, with nobody left out in the cold.

These easy quiz questions and answers include topics ranging from pop culture to science, geography to history and lots more, all at a level that will make your quiz night a real winner.

Happy quizzing!

P.S. – Our super fun general knowledge quiz is the perfect challenge for you and your quizzers after you’ve completed this one!

50 Easy Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Which famous artist painted ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Sunflowers’?
  2. What is the capital city of Russia?
  3. Which singer is famous for hits such as ‘Shake it off’ and ‘Love Story’?
  4. How many players are there on a football team?
  5. At what degrees Celsius does water freeze?
  6. What happened after Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall?
  7. Who is the main villain in the Harry Potter stories?
  8. How many continents are there?
  9. What holiday is celebrated on the 4th of July in the USA?
  10. Which 15th century Duke ‘gave battle in vain’?
  11. How many points does a try initially receive in rugby union?
  12. In the German language, what does the word ‘Bibliothek’ mean?
  13. How many atoms are there in a H2O molecule?
  14. Which popular TV show features the characters Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark and Khal Drogo?
  15. What year did the English men’s football team last win the World Cup?
  16. Which Shakespearean character spoke the line “what light through yonder window breaks”?
  17. What breed of dog is Scooby Doo?
  18. In which country would you find the volcano Mt. Etna?
  19. How many years did World War II last?
  20. The Adelphi, Old Vic, Savoy and Lyceum are all types of famous what located in London?
  21. Nicholas Cage belongs to which famous acting family?
  22. Which country won the Ashes in 2019?
  23. How many moons does the planet Mars have?
  24. Which county in England is biggest by land mass?
  25. Where did the indie rock band Arctic Monkeys “bet you look good”?
  26. What type of fruit is associated with Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity?
  27. In astrology, which star sign is represented by fish?
  28. In the boardgame ‘Cluedo’, which condiment is the ‘Colonel’ character named after?
  29. Who was the first person to visit the moon?
  30. Which two WAGs were involved in the ‘Wagatha Christie’ scandal?
  31. Who wrote the ‘Hunger Games’ novels?
  32. In which state is the American version of ‘The Office’ set?
  33. Which TV quiz show did Chris Tarrant present from 1998 to 2014?
  34. Where would you find the UNESCO world heritage site Machu Picchu?
  35. In which African city would you find Table Mountain?
  36. What type of fish was the character Nemo in the film ‘Finding Nemo’?
  37. Who ‘discovered’ America in exploration of the ‘new world’?
  38. What does GMT stand for?
  39. Who was Henry VIII’s first wife?
  40. Which member of One Direction released their debut single ‘Sign of the Times’ in 2017?
  41. What kind of Pokémon is Ash’s starter Pokémon in the franchise of the same name?
  42. Which country in the Mediterranean Sea is half Greek, half Turkish?
  43. Who played the ‘Doctor Who’ assistant Rose Tyler?
  44. Which ocean separates Europe and North America?
  45. What is the first square number?
  46. What is the first book of the Bible?
  47. ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, ‘Little Dorrit’ and ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ are all books by which author?
  48. At the Battle of Waterloo, which Emperor was defeated?
  49. How many seasons of ‘Friends’ are there?
  50. Which country do the foods udon, miso soup and yakitori originate from?

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  1. Vincent Van Gogh
  2. Moscow
  3. Taylor Swift
  4. 11
  5. Zero
  6. He had a great fall
  7. Voldermort
  8. Seven
  9. Independence Day
  10. Richard of York
  11. Five
  12. Library
  13. Three (two hydrogen and one oxygen)
  14. Game Of Thrones
  15. 1966
  16. Romeo
  17. Great Dane
  18. Italy
  19. Six
  20. Theatre
  21. The Coppola’s
  22. Australia
  23. Two
  24. Yorkshire
  25. ‘On the dancefloor’
  26. The apple
  27. Pisces
  28. Mustard
  29. Neil Armstrong
  30. Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy
  31. Suzanne Collins
  32. Pennsylvania
  33. ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’
  34. Peru
  35. Cape Town
  36. Clownfish
  37. Christopher Columbus
  38. Greenwich Mean Time
  39. Catherine of Aragon
  40. Harry Styles
  41. Pikachu
  42. Cyprus
  43. Billie Piper
  44. Atlantic Ocean
  45. One
  46. Genesis
  47. Charles Dickens
  48. Napoleon
  49. Ten
  50. Japan

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